OGAE Luxembourg cast their Eurovision Votes

OGAE Luxembourg Cast their Eurovision 2013 Votes - Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

OGAE Luxembourg Cast their Eurovision 2013 Votes – Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

OGAE Luxembourg – Official Eurovision Fan Club – have cast their Eurovision votes for 2013. Despite not being in the contest since 1993 – please come back – they remain one of the most successful countries at Eurovision with 5 wins with the last one being in 1983. Despite not participating in the contest, they have a highly supportive fan club that run annual Eurovision parties. So it is interesting to see whom they have voted for this year.

OGAE Luxembourg

1 point – Greece

2 points – Hungary

3 points – San Marino

4 points – Moldova

5 points – Norway

6 points – Sweden

7 points – the Netherlands

8 points – Germany

10 points – Malta

12 points – Denmark

Well it seems that Denmark is popular in Luxembourg however we are VERY excited to see that Hungary and Moldova receive more OGAE Points but Gianluca from Malta receives his first points from the OGAE voters. We for one are shocked that he is not Top 10 overall. So we have to play “Tomorrow”!

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

OGAE Top 10

  1. Denmark – 254 Points
  2. San Marino – 188 Points
  3. Norway – 184 Points
  4. Germany – 133 Points
  5. Italy – 108 Points
  6. The Netherlands – 104 Points
  7. United Kingdom – 98 Points
  8. Ukraine  – 80 Points
  9. Sweden – 62 Points 
  10. Russia – 55 Points

Again we will play a song from a country awaiting their first OGAE votes. Elitsa & Stoyan from Bulgaria gave the country their best ever result back in 2007 when they placed 5th in the Grand Final. This year they return with the song “Samo Shampioni”.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – OGAE and Eurovision Ireland

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