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Bonnie Tyler’s on-line Twitter Questions and Answers from today

Uk Eurovision 2013 Representative Bonnie Tyler hosted a live Twitter Q&A today

Uk Eurovision 2013 Representative Bonnie Tyler hosted a live Twitter Q&A today

UK Eurovision Representative Bonnie Tyler hosted a live Twitter Q&A today with her fans. Interest in her was vast as are the views of her song “Believe in Me” among the Eurovision contenders. Could this be the Uk’s year? So what did Bonnie have to say today?

Bonnie talked of her past and whom were her musical influences. She said that she never thought that she would be still performing still and that people wanted to hear her sing after her initial success back in the 1970’s. She put this down to her fans being so dedicated. “Never in a million years did I think that I would get a break. I am flattered that people still sing my songs”. She is never tiresome of singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” as the crowd always sing it back to her. Her musical influences have been in the Blues genre and said that Janis Joplin was one of her favorites.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of BBC)
How did she feel about being asked to participate at Eurovision this year? She was delighted and honored and would not pass up the opportunity. As for her stage performance and costume at Eurovision – she is still looking at her options and nothing has been finalised yet. Has she got a preference as to where she would like to perform in the running order of the Grand Final? – “Any place from 15 or onwards would be my choice”. She said that she may also record “Believe in Me” in Spanish and French like she has done with several of her earlier hits. 

She has listened to some of the entries this year and the 4 countries that she likes so far are Russia, The Netherlands, Germany and Norway. Well it is good to see that Bonnie is in line with the betting odds with the exception of Denmark.

Bonnie spoke of her new album “Rocks and Honey”. The intention is that when the album charts that she will go on a Tour and that the plan is to release the album not only in Europe but in America too. She has no favorite songs from her new album but when asked what would be the next release from it – “Sunshine” was the most popular choice according to Bonnie. Many people have been asking her to release that song. She also has a lot of further material that she may release on another album in a year or two. 

(YouTube Video Courtesy of BonnieTylerVevo)

Over the course of her career was there a song that she released that she felt should have been a bigger success. “If I were a Man and You were a Woman” was her answer. The interesting fact about this song was that it was written by “Believe in Me” composer Desmond Child. Obviously there is a strong connection with Bonnie and Desmond and they hope to make this collaboration a chart winning success.

All seems to be going well in camp Tyler as the UK look to return to the Top 10 since their number 5 result in 2009. Can Bonnie do it?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

(Source Twitter and Photograph courtesy of BBC)

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