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Larry Gogan will miss going to Malmo to radio commentate for RTE

Larry Gogan - RTE Radio presenter will not be at Eurovision 2013

Larry Gogan – RTE Radio presenter will not be at Eurovision 2013

RTE radio presenter Larry Gogan has announced that he will not be in Malmo to commentate on Eurovision 2013. Larry has commentated on Eurovision for RTE radio since 1978. He missed last year as he felt that the trip to Azerbaijan was “too far” for him. However he had hoped that he would be going to Malmo to cover this years Eurovision.

“I’d love to be going out, but there is absolutely no money in RTE for sending somebody to do a live radio commentary. I’ll miss it alright,” Larry Gogan said. He went on to say that he will particularly miss this years contest as he believes that Ireland’s entrant Ryan Dolan has a strong chance of winning the contest. 

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Ryan Dolan)

Last year, it was revealed that RTE spent €254,000 on competing at Eurovision in Baku. What people fail to understand is that this cost it is not just for the performers who make up the delegation of a country. Costs had included €14,477 spent on food and drink for the two-week stay and a bill for 19 residents of Baku’s Hyatt Regency came to €61,739. The delegations must stay in pre-approved accommodation by the EBU. This is to ensure security and logistics to get acts/delegations to and from the stadium for rehearsals and the live shows. 

Marty Whelan will be providing the television commentary for RTE television. 

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

(Source and photograph courtesy of Jedwardgenius)

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  1. It would be funny to listen to the show just on radio, I wonder would ones views of the songs be different just hearing them?

  2. That’s a pity, I love Larry, he’s a legend. To save some money, RTE should perhaps stop throwing it at such overrated presenters such as Pat Kenny, Ryan Tubridy and the other usual suspects in its clique. Even with their pay cuts they are overpaid far too much for what they actually do.

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