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Slovenia – “Straight Into Love” gets a remix and a lot of half naked wet men!

Hannah Mancini will represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2013 with "Straight Into Love"

Hannah Mancini will represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2013 with “Straight Into Love”

Despite being 66/1 to win Semi Final 1 with the Book Makers – Hannah Mancini has released a new remix of the Slovenian Eurovision 2013 entry “Straight Into Love”. The song has some small changes lyrically but what is most obvious is the change in the main dance beat throughout the new version. The original version had several tempos throughout the song which for me made the song somewhat disjointed.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

The song begins with the slow dance beats but then continues to build in intensity and there is an increase in the electronic influence in the song. However the producers have managed to include more melodic tones into the song which makes the overall sound of the song far more radio friendly and not like something you would hear at 7 am in a basement dance club as the morning sun is rising. Smart move by RTVSLO (Slovenian National Broadcaster). With the good draw that Slovenia received today in the Semi Final – if Hannah can replicate the same vocals live as she does on this studio version – then Slovenia’s chances have increased. 

And if a better sounding song wasn’t enough for Hannah, she has included in the official video many half-naked men writhing about in baths – now if that does not scream Eurovision and Euro Dance Music then I don’t know what else they can do? Slovenia just got interesting if they can pull off the live vocal performance. 

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

(Source RTVSLO and Eurovision Ireland and ESCFlashmalta)

(Main Photograph courtesy of YouTube)


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  1. Well I know this girl has a ton of charisma. She is so great…and such a wonderful supporter of the Gay community! Such a great song! love those hot men! 😉

  2. Love this song and the new mix! This is really becoming my favorite…she has such a nice and strong presence!

  3. I have always liked the Slovenian entry and indeed rate it higher than Germany’s dance effort. I hope she makes the final.

  4. I always liked this song. The new version sounds better indeed. As to the scantily clad guys, well, Hannah is not exactly charismatic and she needs all the help she can get. Her live vocals sound promising.

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