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URGENT – People of Dublin – Do you want to be filmed for the LIVE Eurovision Shows?

"We Are One" - Official Eurovision Logo

“We Are One” – Official Eurovision Logo

Irish People – Get seen in front of 200 million television viewers this year. The “Eurovision 2013 Team” is making a video for a remix of last year’s winning song “Euphoria” from our favorite – Loreen. The video will be shown during the Eurovision broadcast this year in Malmo! Yes get seen on Eurovision!!


What is the scene?

The video will show people from all around Europe singing and playing “Euphoria”. The scene to represent Ireland will be of a pub with a musician, two Irish dancers and a gang of punters singing along wholeheartedly to the song. If you cannot sing (and there are plenty of us out there) DON’T WORRY! Sound will not be recorded as the video will be dubbed over with a remixed track.

When and where is this taking place?

The Eurovision 2013 team are looking for Irish Eurovision fans to get involved in the background and participate in this fun event!  The film crew will be at “Rody Bolands Pub” – 12-14 Upper Rathmines Road –  at 12 noon on Wednesday March 20th, when the bar is closed so nobody will be looking at you! The filming will take about 2-3 hrs.

How do I get there?

Here is “Rody Boland’s Pub’s” official website that gives you complete directions to get to the venue under the “Contact ” tab

The Pub looks like this from the main road – and the address is 12-14 Upper Rathmines Road

Rody Boland's Pub - The Venue for the Eurovision 2013 video shoot

Rody Boland’s Pub – The Venue for the Eurovision 2013 video shoot

What do you have to do for the shoot?

Any participants should be familiar with “Euphoria” – well since it was Number 1 in Ireland we all can tick that box! You should wear your normal clothes that you would wear to a casual evening at the local pub and ensure there are no visible logos, stripes or lots of black or white. We are a colorful nation so get the glad rags out!

If you have any questions you can mail the lovely Tanja at

Don’t let me down Dublin/Ireland. Remember when I got you to turn up for the Eurovision Flashmob for 2010 – and what a FANTASTIC time that was. Well here is your chance to do it again and help our Eurovision friends in Sweden – and I know you all want to do that!!

So be a part of history and get seen by several hundred million people across the world – one word – “EUPHORIC”

Author/Co-Founder of Website and Editor in Chief – Garrett Mulhall

Source Eurovision Ireland

(Photographs courtesy of Wikipedia and YouTube Videos courtesy of embedded owners)

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