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Bonnie Tyler Turned Down Eurovision Offer in 1983 and designer Julien MacDonald is making the “Frock”

Bonnie Tyler will represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2013

Bonnie Tyler will represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2013

Bonnie Tyler will represent the United Kingdom with the song “Believe In Me” at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo 2013. However Tyler revealed that she was asked to represent the UK back in 1983. She recalls “I was in America at the time and “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” was #1 for 4 weeks so it wasn’t the right time for me then”.

Tyler admits that she always watches the Eurovision for the funny outfits and songs. Always known for her leather outfits she revealed that Welsh designer Julien MacDonald is being lined up by the BBC to design her outfit for the Eurovision.

She spoke of Englebert’s experience for the Uk last year finishing second last in the Grand Final saying ““I watched Eurovision last year from my place in Portugal. I think Engelbert had a bad night. I don’t think the song was the best for him. It didn’t have any oomph.”

The BBC have experienced some criticism in not selecting a young act for Eurovision but Tyler joked and said “I am a proud Brit. It is a real honour. Believe In Me is the perfect title. I hope I can win it. I am going to give it my best shot, believe me.”

What does Bonnie think her chances are of winning the contest?

“I am a lucky girl and most of my success is in Europe anyway. Most of the countries vote for their neighbours, but I have an edge because I am successful in a lot of countries.”

Bonnie Tyler will represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2013 with the song “Believe in Me” – Do you believe in her chances?


Source – Sun Newspaper, Eurovision Ireland and YouTube Videos courtesy of embedded owners

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  1. Go, Bonnie. Younger acts are not necessarily better, even if Englebert’s song, not himself, proved insufficient.

    Bonnie has been my number one artist from the time I have started listening to music, as far as I can remember. Faster than the speed of night was the very first LP I have ever bought.

    Your taking part in Eurovision is a drem come true: bette late than never !

    Bonnie, I believe in you !

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