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Melodifestivalen : Fourth Jury Announced from The Netherlands


Eurovision Ireland teams up with International Juries along with our on-line fan poll to predict the winner of Melodifestivalen 2013. Over the next 24 hours we will give you the results from our fan jury who hail from several countries across Europe. To this we will add the results to on on-line poll which closes at midnight tonight and we will have our winner. Have you voted yet?

Now we go to the Jury from The Netherlands and our good friend Louis Klomp. All Eurovision fans will know that Louis is part of the team behind the wonderful site and one of the BEST Eurovision DJ’s on the European circuit. Louis is also involved with the Eurovision In Concert event in Amsterdam. Having attended many Eurovision and Eurovision Events, this is a man who knows his music. So let’s take a look at his comments and votes for the Melodifestivalen final.


Tell the World I’m Here – Ulrik Munther
This song, as it was the last song in the last semi final this year, might have been designed to win. Personally I’m not a big fan. It is not unpleasant, but very repetitive and it lacks personality.

Skyline – David Lindgren
Nice dance tune. Not as good as his song last year, I think, and like the first song repetitive. But I do like his enthusiasm.

Falling – State of Drama
Initially I was not at all impressed with this song, but it is growing on me. It’s a nice radio hit, but no Melodifestivalen winner I think.

Begging – Anton Ewald
Another dance track, that is not bad as such, but it doesn’t stand out either. There is no soul in this song, completely forgettable if you ask me.

Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream – Louise Hoffsten
This is a song I can get more enthusiastic about. This is a real singer, with an impressive career behind her and a song that is actually about something.

Bed on Fire – Ralf Gyllenhammar
I’m not a fan of rock ballads mostly, but this guy can sing. He blew me away completely during the semi final he performed in. I wouldn’t mind seeing this one in Malmö in may.

En riktig jävla schlager – Ravaillacz
I adore schlager, but this is a bad joke, a very bad one. How this ever could have made it to the final, I don’t get.

Copacabanana – Sean Banan
This is fun, the act is energetic and the song is catchy. No deeper meaning intended, but i’m still a Sean fan (I was already last year).

You – Robin Stjernberg
I’m completely allergic to this song. Some of my friends seem to like it, and I have tried, but I can’t stand his way of singing, his pronunciation annoys me and the song has nothing to offer for me. He gets some points for positivity though.

Heartbreak Hotel – YOHIO
I don’t think YOHIO is the best singer in the contest, but the song is one of the most appealing ones to me, it is extremely catchy, it doesn’t follow the same patterns as the other young men’s songs in this competition and on top of that I like his courage to look the way he does.

Therefore The Dutch Results are as follows

1 Point – En riktig jävla schlager – Ravaillacz

2 Points – You – Robin Stjernberg

3 Points – Tell the World I’m Here – Ulrik Munther

4 Points – Begging – Anton Ewald

5 Points – Falling – State of Drama

6 Points – Skyline – David Lindgren

7 Points – Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream – Louise Hoffsten

8 Points – Copacabanana – Sean Banan

10 Points – Bed on Fire – Ralf Gyllenhammar

12 Points – Heartbreak Hotel – YOHIO


The overall standings are now


1st –  ”Heartbreak Hotel” – YOHIO – 40 Points


2nd – “Falling” – State of Drama – 28 Points


3rd =  “Only the dead fish follow the stream” – Louise Hoffsten – 27 Points


3rd = “Bed on fire – Ralf Gyllenhammar” – 27 Points


5th –  “Skyline” – David Lindgren – 25 Points


6th – “You” – Robin Stjernberg – 23 Points


7th –  “Tell the world I’m here” – Ulrik Munther – 21 Points


8th – “Begging” – Anton Ewald – 17 Points


9th – “En riktig jävla schlager” – Ravaillacz – 13 Points


10th – “Copacabanana” – Sean Banan – 11 Points


YOHIO scores his first set of 12 points and takes his to a strong lead of 12 points. Thanks to our good friend Louis Klomp for his views and points.

Source – Eurovision Ireland

(Main Photograph courtesy of and YouTube Video Owners are embedded in the clip)



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