(RESULT) Bulgaria will send “Kismet” to Eurovision 2013

Elitsa Facebook

Tonight Bulgaria decided that Elitsa & Stoyan will performing the song “Kismet” at Eurovision 2013.  The successful duo performed 3 songs upon which a 50/50 Jury and Public vote decided the outcome. 

The 3 songs on offer from Elitsa & Stoyan were

After the Public and Jury Votes were counted the decision was a tie with “Kismet” and “Samo Shampioni” on the same points. However the Public vote carried the balance of power and their choice was  “Kismet” which will represent Bulgaria in Malmo.

Elitsa & Stoyan are no strangers to Eurvision as they brought Bulgaria to 5th place at the contest in 2007 in Helsinki, giving the country their best result to date. They have also been touring Europe solidly since then and have even played Dublin several times where I have seen them live – and they certainly know how to put on a great show. 

Can they make the Top 5 again? Let us know.

Source – BNT and Eurovision Ireland and Elitsa/Facebook.com

(YouTube Video Courtesy of embedded owner)

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  1. Nice ethnic tune with a good modern beat should get into the final! (They might need a few dance lessons though)

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