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(RESULT) Israel – Last place in Kdam Final goes to …….

Judah Gavra5

Tonight the 10th act to reach the final of Kdam 2013 – The Israeli National Eurovision Selection Show – was decided.  3 singers sang for the votes of the Jury and Public. They were

  • Judah Gavra   – We’re beautiful
  • Yarden Tzur – Replace you
  • Nicki Goldstein – We are one

After all 3 performed the Jury and Public votes were combined and the lucky act taking the last remaining place in the Kdam final was Judah Gavra

(YouTube Video Courtesy of sweeeetyful)

Judah Gavra will join the 9 previous qualifiers in the final that will take place this Thursday March 7th to find Israel’s Ac for Eurovision 2013. 

Source IBA and Eurovision Ireland

YouTube Video Courtesy of embedded owner

Photograph courtesy of

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  1. I haven’t managed to hear any of the Israeli selection process nor those in the final. Do you have a link for all the songs in the final?

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