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(INTERVIEW) : Eurovision Ireland talks to Irish Commentator Marty Whelan and “Seasoned” Eurovision Expert Ken Sheridan

Marty Whelan Eurosong 2013

Eurovision Ireland met Irish TV Presenter, Commentator and Eurovision Oracle Marty Whelan directly after the Eurosong Final 2013. With our friend Ciaran Nolan, we caught a few minutes with Marty and talked of what we can expect at Eurovision 2013. He talks of his hopes for Ryan Dolan in Sweden this year and casts an eye on the voting and the musical tastes across Europe. Marty fondly remembers his first Eurovision attendance which was at Johnny Logan‘s win for Ireland in Belgium in 1987.

(YouTube Video Copyright of Eurovision Ireland)

We met our friend and Irish Eurovision expert Ken Sheridan. Ken is a “veteran” of Eurovision and talks us through the experience of going to a live Eurovision Show which everyone should do!

(YouTube Video Copyright of Eurovision Ireland)

Can Ryan Dolan and his song “Only Love Survives” win Eurovision for Ireland? We still have Ryan’s interview for you tomorrow

(YouTube Video Courtesy of RTE)

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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