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UK 2013 : Bonnie Langford to represent UK at Eurovision 2013

English: Bonnie Langford at the "Whovent ...

English: Bonnie Langford at the “Whovent 86” convention tour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Daily Mail Newspaper in the “Ephrain Hardcastle Column” is claiming this morning that child star Bonnie Langford has been selected to represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2013. To say that this is left of field would be an understatement but the Bonnie Langford story for Eurovision was around in 2011 also. Some people believe that this is just the BBC beginning their PR campaign for their official confirmation on the Graham Norton show.

The child star from the children’s television series “Just William” has gone on to perform in many musicals, theatre productions and reality television shows ranging from Chicago to “Dancing On Ice”.

If true you can imagine that the UK could be going down the high musicality road for Eurovision 2013.

“I’ll scream and scream and scream until I’m sick” if the speculation continues in the UK with multiple acts being named until the BBC finally drops their bombshell.

Source – The Daily Mail and Eurovision Ireland

(YouTube owners embedded in the clips)

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  1. What’s that noise I hear? Oh nothing to worry about, it’s just the BBC scarping the barrel……again!

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