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INTERVIEW – We Meet the beautiful Romanian Semi Finalist Diana Hetea – “I Believe in Love”

Diana Hetea - Romania 2

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We had the pleasure to meet the beautiful and talented Diana Hetea who is participating in the First Romanian Semi Final on Saturday February 23rd. Diana is performing the song “I Believe in Love”

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your rehearsals today to speak to us.

You appeared in the first season of X Factor in which Andrei Leonte went on to win. Tell us about that experience of taking part and how well you did in the competition?

Yes I came fifth in the end. Of course, like everybody else in the competition I was hoping to win, but I guess we talk about a whole bunch of factors, not only the “X” one: a high level of stress, exhaustion, vocal technique, physical and mental strength, etc. It was a very useful experience, I could say I have surpassed my limits in a very short time.

When did you start to sing and what experience of performing have you had before and after X factor?

I started singing quite late. I was 27. Maybe because my life was mainly focused on playing the violin. This is what I did for two thirds of my life. I was a professional violinist, with no performing experience as a singer what so ever. When I reached the X factor I was already having some singing experience, which definitely helped, but still, the competition’s challanges helped me gain more confidence in my abilities. I feel its influence even now.

X-Factor Romania - Judges Auditions - Timisoara - 01-03.07.2011

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Who are your biggest musical influences in your life?
Except the classical composers like Brahms and Chopin, who I adore, the one and only Mariah Carey. I think she is phenomenally talented and has such a powerful, flexible and special voice. I also love Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Beyonce. The greats we all cannot help but admire.

“I believe in Love” is a very soulful ballad which builds through the song. It also has some high sweeping notes to sing. Is this a genre of music that you are comfortable singing?

I’ve tried to develop such a technique that could help me sing these kind of difficult solo songs. I believe it’s not really easy for anyone to sing such songs. They’re voice exhausting. Obviously some singers are more comfortable than others.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of Michael Down)

How did you come about to sing the song for the Eurovision selection in Romania?

I have dreamed about participating in the Eurovision since I’ve started singing and then at the right moment I met this very talented Swedish-Irish production team you all already know about: Jonas, Michael, Sara, Johnny and Anders. We all believe that this song has come to life for a good reason. Eurovision might be one of them. We’re really happy that the public likes it.

How do you see your career developing from now and would taking part in Eurovision in Malmo make a big difference to you?

I hope that my new single will lead to new oportunities, both in Romania and abroad. It obviously is an important step forward for me, from all points of view. Taking part in the Eurovision would take my career to a whole new level, that’s for sure. It’s the same kind of life changing event like the X Factor. Once you get there you’re never the same.

Do you have a favourite Eurovision song from previous years?

Like everyone else I loved Loreen’s Euphoria, but my favourite was Quédate conmigo by Pastora Soler, last year.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of EurovisionTVGermany)

Well thank you so much for speaking with us today Diana. You will be performing song number 4 in the first Romanian Semi Final this Saturday – February 23rd – with the song “I Believe In Love”. We wish you the best of luck or as you say “Noroc” in Romanian.

Author : Andrew James Main

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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