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Israel : Listen to the first 10 songs in Kdam 2013


(Photograph courtesy of IBA)

The first 10 semi finalists of Kdam 2013 – the Israeli National Eurovision Selection – are now on-line for you to hear. The contest will see 30 songs compete in 3 semi finals on February 26th, 27th and 28th. 10 songs will qualify for the final that will take place on March 7th.

To listen to the first 10 songs follow the link below,7340,L-4346796,00.html

The acts are :

  1. Laila Malcos – Bo
  2. Adir Getz – Ha’ikar she’ani shar
  3. Ortal Ofek – Tagid li lama
  4. Adi Cezare – Pagia ve’shavir
  5. Shani Zamir – Forever
  6. Ron Vanreich – Love Is One
  7. Aderet – Victory
  8. Kathleen Reiter – Ad elay
  9. Yehuda Gavra – We’re Beautiful
  10. Lihi Griner & DJ Omri Segal – Just Like Me

Israel are determined to return to the Grand Final at Eurovision since their last qualification in 2010.

Is there a winner in this semi final?

Source IBA and Eurovision Ireland

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