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(Photograph Courtesy of LVT)

Dziesma Final – Latvia chooses for Eurovision 2013

Tonight I bring you the final from the Latvian selection for Malmo. After 2 semi-finals last weekend we now know the line up and running order for tonight’s 12 song final and it looks like this

1) Niko with One

2) Dāvids Kalandija & Dināra with Fool In Love

3) Antra Stafecka with When You Are With Me

4) Grupa PeR with Sad Trumpet

5) Grupa Pieneņu Vīns with The One

6) Marta Ritova with I Am Who I Am

7) Liene Candy with Higher and Higher

8) Samanta Tina with I Need A Hero

9) Ieva Sutugova with Cold Heart

10) Headline with Love

11) Sabīne Berezina with Upside Down

12) Grupa PeR with Here We Go

There will be a 50/50 public/jury vote and the top 3 songs will go forward to the super final where another round of voting will give us our winner. We can also look forward to performances from Anmary – robbed of a final spot for Latvia last year in my opinion and also the lovely Ott Lepland who represented Estonia and needs no introduction I am sure.

May the best song win?!?!?!?!……………………………………………………………………

First up – Niko with One

A catchy upbeat number to start. Niko and dancers all dressed in black suits whilst performing a very “Tooji” style dance routine and I must say the song is a very similar style also. Dare I say it but the vocal performance almost matches. A good number to start the show – can anyone follow that?

Dāvids Kalandija & Dināra with Fool In Love

A duet second up in Latvia – Dinara in flowing peach and Davids in a white suit. This is a great number to sing along to and you feel it would not be out of place in High School Musical as it has that Disney teenage romance feel about it. Will you Fall in Love with Fool in Love???

Antra Stafecka with When You Are With Me

It’s a stand-off in the saloon bar!!! Antra sings her song with a definite Western Film feel to it. She cavorts seductively with her male dancer, teasing him with her body and her sultry look. Very sexy little number and you could see this being used on Strictly Come Dancing for an Argentine Tango.

Grupa PeR with Sad Trumpet

Grupa PeR with their first song in tonight’s final. Now do you have a terrible singing voice? Were you thrown out of music class for being unable to play the triangle? Well never fear there is still a job in the music industry for you as long as you can rub your hands together and sit on a stool J This is a slow ballad of a song which has body noises as it’s gimmick. It does have a great trumpet hook in the background though. I must admit the boy on the left looks like he is warming up a little bit more hair gel to add to his barnet!!!


Next up are Grupa Pieneņu Vīns with The One

Now the lead singer is wearing a great Diva dress with puffball sleeves. It is a funky old fashioned soulful number and I’m shoulder dancing as I type. I fear this may cause a lot of “dad dancing” on the dancefloor though. It is a great vocal performance.


Marta Ritova with I Am Who I Am

Marta performs this song from the piano but it is not slow ballad. This is a funky quirky little song which is matched in style by Marta and her cookie voice. This is a modern pop song and it almost becomes a dance track by the end of the song. Something really quite different and gets you moving

Starting the second half of the final is Liene Candy with Higher and Higher. Great dance track bound to get the dancefloor jumping. I think her vocal was better in her semi-final but she really nails this towards the end. This is a feel good song and Liene obviously had fun singing it. Lift’s you up but how high can it take her?


Song number eight is Samanta Tina with I Need A Hero

This is a beautiful ballad sung brilliantly by Samanta. Looking angelic in white she sings about needing a hero – will she be a hero for Latvia tonight? I hope so – this would be one of the best Latvian entries for years with a great chance of qualification.


Ieva Sutugova with Cold Heart is up next. Now this song feels like it came straight from the West End. It is definitely more musical theatre that typical Eurovision but the polished and confident performance sells the song well. I feel it is a great song but just entered into the wrong competition.

Next up is the hot man with the tight trousers and Headline with their song, Love. This is quite a dated song. It reminds me a lot of Andy Abraham for the UK in 2008. Has a soul feel and very 80’s with it. He definitely makes the best of what he was given (and I don’t mean the voice) 😉


Second to last is Sabīne Berezina with Upside Down. The colourful, fun filled song that will have you searching for your leg warmers and practicing your dance moves from the movie Fame. It’s frivolous and fun but not a lot of substance to the song. I’d still cut some shapes though.


And now for the final song of the night. What is the best way to improve your chances of being the winning song picked for Eurovision? Of course – enter 2 songs. Yes it’s Grupa PeR with Here We Go, their second song of the final. Great chorus to this song with a rap verse – yes I said rap. It works as a song and has a great hook but rap is notorious for not doing well on the Eurovision stage. This could go either way.


What 3 songs shall make it to the super final and who will win Dziesma 2013 and get their ticket to Malmo in May?


  • Marta Ritova with “I Am Who I Am”
  • Grupa PeR with “Here We Go”
  • Samanta Tina with “I Need A Hero”

Now 10 more minutes of televoting and a winner will be selected

After a performance by OTT Lepand from Estonia last year the result was announced.

Latvia will be represented by Grupa Per with the song “Here We Go”


Best of Luck to Grupa Per at Eurovision 2013

Author – Elaine Dove

Source LVT and Eurovision Ireland



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  1. Song 1 – he can’t sing, was very snouty…

    Loved song two, although it was “a moment like this” part 2!

    Song three, good song, but she gets her fashion inspiration from Marie n clearly!!!

    Song 4. A song about a trumpet? Erm, no.

    Song 5 started well but lost the plot for me…

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