Eurovision National Finals 2013

Finland 2013 : (RESULT) Shock as the favorites come 2nd and 3rd……


(Photograph Courtesy of YLE)

Who would win the final in Finland tonight? The 2 acts that the media had been talking of all the week were Diandra and Mikael Saari. You can imagine the surprise that when the results came in – both of them came 3rd and 2nd respectively.

So who did that leave standing at the Altar – Yes the winner of UMK  (Finnish National Selection) was Krista Siegfrids with her high energy pop song “Marry Me”. This has the instant sound of a strong contender in Malmo for Eurovision 2013.

(YouTube Courtesy of Stagrandu)

Source – Eurovision Ireland and YLE

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  1. Very catchy fun song 🙂 I’m sure we’ll see it in the final, but I certainly can’t see it winning 😉 Good entry, I like it 😀 It immediately reminded me of Bosnia+Herzegovina’s entry in 2008, mainly because of her outfit 🙂

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