Eurovision National Finals 2013

FYR Macedonia : Details Announced

Flag of Macedonia 1

Flag of Macedonia 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back in December the Macedonian broadcaster, MRT announced that Roma musician Esma Redžepova (69) would represent Macedonia along with pop singer Vlatko Lozanoski (27).

MRT have since announced that they are keeping the song selection within the Redžepova household by having one of Esma’s children compose the song. Simeon Atanasov has been drafted in my MRT to write an appropriate song for his mother and Vlatko.  Apparently, the composition has a working title of ‘Opsesija’ or “Obsession”.

A final completed version of the song will be published once it’s recorded. We can expect to hear it sometime before the March deadline.

Here is Esma singing a typical gypsy style song that she is famous for.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of The Music4TheWorld)

Esma will be singing with this lothario, Vlatko Lozanoski who seems to have a penchant for fast cars and young women! Watch out Esma!

(YouTube Video Courtesy of PlanBmacedonia)

Further information on Bulgaria’s selection we will bring to you as they are announced.

Guest Author – Alan Cromie

Source – and MRT


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