Bulgaria 2013 : Selection Process

The flag of Bulgaria.

The flag of Bulgaria. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BNT, the Bulgarian National Broadcaster will choose their candidate for Malmo through an internal selection committee with a specialised television show to choose the song that the successful representative will sing for Eurovision 2013.

BNT will announce the singer(s) on the 10th February. The singer(s) will then present 5 songs to the national broadcaster, of which 3 will be chosen to go forward and will be presented to the general public from the 17th February. A televised broadcast of all 3 songs will be made on March 3rd where the general public and special jury will choose the winner in a 50/50 vote allocation system. The 3 chosen songs will be heavily publicised to the general Bulgarian public on BNT and affiliated stations in advance of the final so that viewers are familiar with the songs before being asked to choose their winner.

Bulgaria has yet to win Eurovision since their debut in 2005.

While not their best result in the contest, the absolute highlight in their short history was last year with the much underrated performance of Sofi Marinova and ‘Love Unlimited’.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision.tv)

Guest Author – Alan Cromie

Source – BNT

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