Eurovision National Finals 2013

Georgia 2013: Sopho will represent Georgia again

Flag of Republic of Georgia Italiano: Bandiera...

Flag of Republic of Georgia Italiano: Bandiera della Georgia Suomi: Georgian lippu ქართული: საქართველოს სახელმწიფო დროშა Nederlands: Vlag van Georgië Русский: Флаг Грузии Українська: Прапор Грузії (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who will represent Georgia at the Eurovision 2013? Sopho again for the 4th time! GPB, the Georgian National Broadcaster, have announced that for the first time they will send a duet to Eurovision. This duo will be Sopho Gelovani and Nodiko Tatishvili.

Yes this will be the 4th time that a female artist called Sopho from Georgia will represent the country at Eurovision. There has been in the past the following Sopho’s

  • 2007 – Sopho Khalvashi who sang “Visionary Dream” – Came 12th in the final
  • 2010 – Sopho Nizharadze who sang “Shine” – Came 9th in the final
  • 2011 – Eldrine (lead singer Sopho Toroshelidze) who sang “One More Day” – Came in 9th in the final

So in the Georgian tradition, GPB have selected another Sopho – Sopho Gelovani – along with Nodiko Tatishvili, in an internal selection to be their representatives for Malmö 2013.

Why this duo – you may ask? Well they have actually performed together before and with much success in Georgia. They are both experienced singers and have a very romantic feel to their music. This duo look wonderful together and more importantly sound seamless together. Here they are performing live on Georgian Television and you can see and the feel the musical connection that they have together. High expectations for Georgia to showcase a strong song at Eurovision 2013.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of sany1303)

Just to give you a special blast from the past – here is where Georgia’s obsession with Sopho’s at Eurovision began, with their stunning début back in 2007 with Sopho Khalvashi who sang “Visionary Dream” in Helsinki. For me it was an electric song and performance that was modern yet traditional and visually striking – Enjoy

(youTube Video Courtesy of mike82tr)

Author/Website founder and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

Source – GPB

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