Germany 2013: Another Song released and possibly 2 songs in breach of EBU regulations

P-icon for Germany

P-icon for Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are used to German efficiency each year with their choice for Eurovision but 2013 seems like the year where this may change. Yes Germany is on the throws of organising their National Final for 2013 and speculation still surrounds some of their acts.

More of their national entries have been leaked to the web and the next person to find their song out there is Ben Ivory. Here is half of his songs “The Righteous Ones” which is a hard-hitting electro pop/rock song. With a striking image that one can say is inspired by Lady Gaga, this will certainly grab your attention.

Ben Ivory – The Righteous Ones

(YouTube Video courtesy of Stummel Stummi)

Now you remember how we informed you in an earlier post (link Below) that one of the German Acts – Mobilée – Little Sister appeared to have released the song on-line back in April 2012 (which would mean it should be disqualified) and we even posted the YouTube video showing the video. Well the video has now been removed from the internet and all you can find is the wonderful video that they made for the entry that was released earlier this year.

Well here are screen shots that we here at Eurovision Ireland took of the original version of the song, the band and more importantly the dates. What makes this even more interesting is that this came from a radio station’s own website – and they have now removed the video from their website. I ask myself “Why is that?”. So as the evidence below clearly shows the band playing the song back in April of this year. This would automatically disqualify the song from 2013 under EBU regulations.

Germany 2013 - Pic 1

(YouTube video courtesy of MobileeVEVO)

Die Priester feat. Mojca Erdmann – Ave Maris Stella

As you will recall I said that this entry in the German Nation Final for Eurovision 2013 was haunting and spine tingling and I still think that.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of DiePriesterVEVO)

However it has now come to my attention that “Ave Maris Stella” reminds me of 2 religious songs – A 15th Century French carol called “Noel Nouvelet” – the similarity is non deniable. Judge for your self here.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of brezairola)

So popular was the 15th century French Carol that the harmony was used from the 1870’s onwards as an English Easter carol called “Now the Green Blade Riseth”. As you again hear the main melody is very similar to “Ave Maria Stella”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Koos van Beeck)

To add to the potential difficulties that  this act my find at Eurovision comes in the aftermath of the Swiss National Final winner this year – Heilsarmee – “You & Me”. The bands name which means “The Salvation Army” and their wearing of the Uniform on stage, goes against rules and regulations of the EBU. Does that mean that if Die Priester – “The Priests” – win that and go on to represent Germany at Eurovision in Malmö, that they will have to change their names and also not wear their collars? Again this may not have been thought through by NDR.

So I ask NDR – if you manage to see this article I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the issues that I have raised. Both songs in question I like greatly but I did not make the rules for Eurovision. What are your intentions regarding both songs?

Author/Website Founder and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

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  1. Hello, the Song little sister bye mobilee will Not disqualified, because this was only a unplugged Version and not the original One. There are new rules this year in the esc to make participations of newcomer more easily. But avis maris stella by the Priesters will not be in the nf. They choose another song because this song is more than 400years old and not the original.

  2. Thank you for the video of this beautiful French carol that I haven’t known till now.

    As for your questions, I hope you’ll get answers from officials very quickly.

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