Azerbaijan 2013 : Another Finalist Selected

Ravana_aliyeva Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan’s 2013 Eurovision entry took another step towards selecting their representative for Malmö. In the words of one of the songs that she performed in this week’s heat – Rəvanə Əliyeva had to “Hold on and Be Strong“. Yes the winner of this week’s Milli Seçim Turu shows was the stunning Rəvanə Əliyeva.

The votes that are now released show that after day 4 of the week’s performances, Rəvanə Əliyeva was down in 3rd place in the televote

Ena-Kameliya Moqəddəm: 659 votes

Rafael İsayev: 635 votes

Rəvanə Əliyeva: 613 votes

Leyla İzzətova: 491 votes

Şahin Sadıqov: 225 votes

Group Baku: 166 votes

Sebel Cəfərova: 92 votes

Anar Səfərov: 29 votes

Xəyal Tağıyev: 13 votes

After the final performance on Friday, the Televote was combined with the online public poll and the Jury vote to give us the following final result

12 points: Rəvanə Əliyeva

10 points: Ena-Kameliya Moqəddəm

8 points: Leyla İzzətova

7 points: Rafael İsayev

6 points: Group Baku

5 points: Sebel Cəfərova

4 points: Şahin Sadıqov

3 points: Anar Səfərov

2 points: Xəyal Tağıyev

So Rəvanə Əliyeva becomes the second finalist and will join Vüqar Muradov (The Giant as we like to call him) in the final of  Milli Seçim Turu. Heat 3 begins again on New Year‘s eve with another 9 finalists. Congratulations to the very beautiful Rəvanə Əliyeva. Here she is performing her Eurovision Song which is the theme of every Monday’s show

(YouTube Video courtesy of azeurovision)

Author/Website Founder and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

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