Ukraine – Who will represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2013?

Zlata with a killer smile

Zlata with a killer smile (Photo credit: Alaskan Dude)

So who will represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2013? The answer to that question came today and in a very close contest the winner was Zlata Ognevich. Some of you may remember Zlata from the Ukraine National Final of 2011 where she so narrowly missed out to Mika Newton – who went on to finish in 4th place in Düsseldorf.

The Ukraine today had 19 artists compete for the right to represent their country at Eurovision 2013 in Malmö. Combination of televote and Jury vote decided the winner. 20 acts were supposed to perform today but the first act Oksana Pekun and Maxim Novytskyj with their song “Zelenyj Dubochok” withdrew just before the show started. After the Jury and Tele votes were combined we had the below result

  • Oksana Pekun and Maxim Novytskyj – Zelenyj Dubochok (withdrew)
  • Mary Yaremchuk – Imagine (30 points)
  • Marietta – Wonder (14 points)
  • Dmytro Yaremchuk – Mamo (28 points)
  • Inesh – Delayu Shag (18 points)
  • Zlata Ognevich – Gravity (40 points) *******
  • Duet Emotion – Saviour (25 points)
  • Band Gvozdivchanka – Naletily Gusenyata (22 points)
  • RealIvanna – You Gave Me Everything (27 poinzs)
  • Tetyana Shyrko – Feeling Like A Sir (30 points)
  • Band Triniti – Belym Po Belomu (14 points)
  • Ana Stesia – Dare To Change (16 points)
  • Alina Grosu – Let Go (29 points)
  • Dasha Medova – Don’t Want To Be Alone (37 points)
  • Olena Korneva – You’ll Be The Winner Forever (25 points)
  • Angelia – Love Is Life (12 points)
  • Eduard Romanyuta – Get Real With My Heart (33 points)
  • Matvij Vermijenko – Otkryvaj Menya (10 points)
  • Band DiO.filmy – Medlyak (27 points)
  • Dmytro SkalozubovDavno (14 points)

By a narrow margin of 3 points, Zlata Ognevich with the song “Gravity” managed to win the votes of both the public and Jury.

(YouTube Video courtesy of BundesvisionTV)

The song began and my initial thoughts of the first 15 seconds were – “This is a very bland and average ballad” but how wrong was I? The song then kicks in and is totally transformed. How can I describe this song? Well a very contemporary ballad that fuses traditional “Celine Dion” ballads with “Traditional African harmonies” and the string section that is inspired by Vanessa Branch‘s “A Thousand Miles“.

4 backing singers accompanies Zlata and their harmonies were sensational. As for Zlata’s own vocal performance – one word  -WOW. She was sensational and the range of her voice has to be heard to be believed. From tender notes to rousing high notes and  all within a single breath. This song instantly grabs your attention and is contemporary enough to score well with the Public and the Jury alike. This has a stamp of quality written all over it, great song and a singer that is talented and striking on stage. This could easily be a winner and I predict that Ukraine will be Top 5 with this song as they are certain to creat an amazing presentation of their song as they do each year. Ukraine will not be pulled down by “Gravity” as this will soar high in the Eurovision Final in Malmö in 2013

Bravo Ujrain and Zlata.

Author/Website Founder and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

(Source NTU)

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