Eurovision at Christmas

A Christmas Eurovision “Thank You” to our Readers – With some Eurovision Winners

Dublin christmas lights

Dublin christmas lights (Photo credit: SebastianDooris)

Eurovision Ireland would like to thank all our readers for their continued support over the year and especially now as YOU have helped us become the 6th most read Eurovision Site globally. We thought to ourselves – “How can we show our appreciation to our readers?” After many hours of careful consideration we knew it was staring us in the face. We will give you what you always want – Eurovision Stars doing what they do best – but singing some Christmas Classics.

So from Dublin let’s take a Christmas trip around Europe. Well let’s start with a country that I am sure will have some snow this year. If I said that this singer is a Eurovision Winner and 2 time competitor but performed under 2 different names – would you know who it was? What if she was looking for a “Hero” – would that help? Yes 1999 Swedish Winner Charlotte Nielsson aka Charlotte Perrelli performing my personal favourite Christmas Song live – the wonderful Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas”

(YouTube Video courtesy ofThimmix33 )

Next we go to a country that should be pretty warm this Christmas compared to Sweden. This Eurovision Star has been at Eurovision 3 times – twice performing and once presenting. Now who could that be? If I said that he was a Euro Heart Throb and one of the most successful Greek Artists ever – Yes the one and only “Shake It” Sakis Rouvas with his Christmas hit “Xronia Polla Christmas”  from 2010. You can’t help but get excited hearing this song – if only Eurovision was at Christmas!

(YouTube Video Courtesy of joaNnA1996me)

Now what would Christmas be like without some “Jingle Bells”. But who could we get to perform this festive classic. If I said he has been on a Eurovision stage 4 times. Performing twice and coming 1st and second in the contest and was part of 2 Eurovision Interval acts? I guess you would know who I am talking about. Yes Russia’s winner Dima Bilan with some very energetic dancing Santa’s

(YouTube Video Courtesy of baldosya)

Now I have treat for you. 2 singers that have 4 Eurovision Titles between them and have actually been at Eurovision 6 times in many forms. Yes I could not give you a Christmas playlist without giving you an Irish Flavour.Eurovision legends Johnny Logan and Niamh Kavanagh team up with Bray Gospel Choir for carolling in Dublin, Grafton Stret, in support of the Lean on Me campaign which calls on friends and family to support those close to them affected by depression. A medley of Christmas classics to get you in the mood

(YouTube Video courtesy of LeanOnMeCampaign)

So where to next? Well if I said that she won the Eurovision for her country in the last decade and that she will always be remembered for her leather clothing and “Wild Dances”- yes off to the Ukraine where we have Ruslana singing a remix of Wham’s “Last Christmas” to hundreds of thousands of people in Kiev.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of RuslanaTube)

If I asked you for one of the most thrilling voting Eurovision’s of all time, that might give you a clue to our next Eurovision Star. You might say the Eurovision of 1981 or 1991 or 1998 or even 2003 and they would be good guesses. But if I said “And Finally France 12 Points” and told you that this Global Icon won the Eurovision by 1 point and comes from Canada but represented Switzerland – you will all know that I am talking about the 1988 Eurovision Winner Celine Dion. Narrowly beating Scott Fitzgerald from the UK, Celine has gone onto global stardom. Here she is with her amazing version of “The Christmas Song”.

(YouTube Video courtesy of Ammar El Hassan)

I deny anyone not to know the words to the next Eurovision legend’s Christmas song – well one of his many! If I said that he narrowly lost the Eurovision in 1968 in a dramatic contest and then decided to come back to the contest in 1973 and again scored very well. He is an avid tennis player and has his own wine that he produces and sells? Yes it is Sir Cliff Richard from the United Kingdon with his hugely successful Christmas song that was number one for weeks and weeks and weeks during the 1980’s – “Mistletoe and Wine”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Emimusic)

Now if I gave you the clue that this Eurovision Winner has had trouble with a stalker recently  – I promise I only got my photo taken with him once in Baku and he didn’t have to get a restraining order taken out on me. Would you know who I was talking about? What if I went on to tell you that he has scored the most points ever at Eurovision – 387 I think. Oh and you never see him without his violin – Yes Alexander Rybak puts a jazz flavour to the Christmas song “Let It Snow” – which I think it probably is somewhere in Norway right now.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Victoria A)

Now if I told you that this Eurovision favourite from 2012 with the fans rocked Baku but was a classically trained artist – would that give you a clue to this singer? She took her country back to the Eurovision Song Contest final following a gap of several years and is one of the biggest stars in the Balkan Countries? Yes it is the stunning Kaliopi performing “Silent Night” – truly breathtaking.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of peugeot255)

To finish off our trip down a Christmas Memory Lane we must talk about the most successful act to ever come out of Eurovision. Time and time again they are voted as having the best Eurovision Winning song – “Waterloo”. Yes it is of course Abba. They released the wonderful “A Happy  Christmas & a Merry New Year.” And there is an interview with Abba at the end of this clip where they talk of their favourite 4 songs. I am spoiling you – but you are worth it.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of roxannehilton2)

So a huge “Thank You” for following all year long and for making our site your place to find out all about Eurovision. We wish you and your family am ABBA-solutely Wonderful Christmas. Keep coming back for more news in 2013 in the search for the 2013 winner of Eurovision in Malmö

Author/Website Founder and Chief Editor – Garrett Mulhall


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