Azerbaijan – First Finalist Confirmed – Opa!

Flag of Azerbaijan

Flag of Azerbaijan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We talked you through the Azeri National selection earlier this week. It is a selection process like no other where the 80 contestants must perform 5 nights a week and then the public and jury decide on the winner.

Last night the first finalist was announced and it was – as we called him – “The Giant” – Vüqar Muradov

(YouTube Video Courtesy of azeurovision)


The Televotes and their on line poll votes were merged into votes and the public voted as follows

– Vüqar Muradov: 675 votes

Mədinə Muradxanova: 486 votes

– Group New Skin: 347 votes

Anna Zemçenko: 285 votes

– Tomris Naibli: 245 votes

– Nigar Əlizadə: 73 votes

– Cahangir Qasımzadə: 61 votes

– Elqiz Məmmədovii: 41 votes

– Rinat Alimov: 31 votes

As in previous years, the total votes combined with jury votes and we are directly informed with the results of heat 1.

The final results as it follows:

2 points: Elqiz Məmmədovii

3 points: Cahangir Qasımzadə

4 points: Anna Zemçenko

5 points: Nigar Əlizadə

6 points: Rinat Alimov

7 points: Tomris Naibli

8 points: Mədinə Muradxanova

10 points: Group New Skin

12 points: Vüqar Muradov

The next set of finalists begin their live auditions this Monday.

Author/Website Founder and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall


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