Eurovision National Finals 2013

NEWSFLASH – Slovenia Are………………

Flag of Slovenia

Flag of Slovenia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Will they or Won’t they be in Malmö – Well the answer to that question has just come through to us now

Slovenia WILL be at Eurovision 2013 in Sweden – Horray!!!

We had spoken about Slovenia a few weeks ago and there were concerns that they too may be withdrawing from this year’s contest. The good news arrived just now in the form of a Tweet from the Director of RTV Slo (National Broadcaster) Marko Fillo the country would indeed be at Eurovision 2013.

Following Marko’s tweet RTV Slo conformed it on their website to the relief of many Eurovision and Balkan fans. The broadcaster did not however announce how they will be selecting their entry for this year’s contest – but Slovenia Will be there.

So in honour of one of my favourite songs from the country of Slovenia – here is the oh so charming Regina performing “Dan najlepših sanj” which literally translates into “The day of the most beautiful of dreams” which is the case for Slovenia and Eurovision fans it certainly is with this news today.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of fatmeduza)

(Source RTV Slo)

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

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