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Life After Baku – Somebody is about to break America

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Winning Eurovision is not a guarentee that you will have international success after the contest. However the past winners seem to be bucking this trend with Alexander Rybak and Lena still selling records across Europe. However life after Eurovision 2012 in Baku seems to have paid off BIG TIME!! And he didn’t even compete in the contest!

Yes Emin – who was the sensatiponal interval act at this years contest has just been on CBS television in America where is latest album “After The Thunder” has been getting a lot of air play. In his interview with CBS he talks about his life growing up in Moscow, hius marriage and his life in America. He discloses details of his current tour, plans to make a British tv show about his idol Elvis “From Moscow to Memphis” where he will chart the life and times of Elvis and how he has inspired Emin.

Here is thelink to the interview Emin just did with CBS News

In case you have forgotten his Interval performance at this year’s Eurovision in Baku 2012 – here it is again ion all it’s glory “Never Enough”. It was amazing in the stadium!

What was your favourite Interval Act is Eurovision history?

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor – Garrett Mulhall

(Source – Emin Twitter and CBS News)

(TouTube Video courtesy of BMchic)

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  1. He is super rich so obviously it’s easy to appear on a TV show. However, no one knows him in UK and US and his songs are not popular.

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