Eurovision National Finals 2013

Italy Decides – Well Sort of?

Marco Mengoni - Re Matto - back

Italian braodcaster RAI have in the past 2 years used the prestigous San Remo Son Contest to select their entrant for Eurovision – not nesessilarly the winning song in the contest itself – but the song and atrist that they felt would best suit Eurovision. So far they have done very well indeed.

In keeping with the modern times- RAI turned to social networking site and San Marino favourite “Facebook” to ask the Italian public who would they like to see represent them in Malmo next year. So far Marco Mengoni is in the lead in the poll and that is not surprising as he is the Italian Winner of the X-Factor in 2009.

Born Christmas Day in 1988 – Mengoni is a highly popular, successful and accomplished artist. After winning the Italian x-Factor in 2009 his first album”Dove si Vola” went double platinum in Italy and saw him compete in the Sanremo Song Contest in 2010 with his song “Credimi Ancora” where he came 3rd.

If this was not enough praise – Marco went on to win Best European Act at the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards. 2011 say him embark on a 56 date tour of Italy on his Re Matto Tour where the subsequent Re Matto Live CD went straight to the Number 1 position in Italy. 2011 saw him release the album “Solo” where he co-wrote all of the songs and that too went to number 1 in the Italian charts. Citing the Beatles, David Bowie and Michael Jackson as his musical influences he would be a very popular and current act to represent Italy in Malmo.

However Mengoni will not have it all his own way as another Marco is right behind him in the RAI Facebook Poll – and that is Marco Carta. His rise to stardom and success story is like a mirror of that of Marco Mengoni. In 2007 he was the winner of the Italian Television Talent show”Amici di Maria De Filippi“.  

English: Marco Carta at Sanremo Music Festival...

English: Marco Carta at Sanremo Music Festival Italiano: Marco Carta al Festival di Sanremo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

His first album line Mengoni went platinum in Italy and then the following year 2009 he enteres also the Sanremo Contest with the song “La forza mia” and WON the competition with over 57% of the public vote. Like Mengoni he too has won countless TRL MTV awards and his 4 studio albums have all gone platinum and Top 3 in Italy and his Live album went to number 10. With 6 top 10 singles including the number 1 “Quello che dai” there is really nothing to split Mengoni and Carta.

So as you can see these are 2 amazing singers and would grace the Eurovision Stage with ease. If you had to chose – would you be Team Mengoni or Team Carta?

Authour/Website Creator and Chief Editor – Garrett Mulhall

(Photographs courtesy of Wikipedia)

(Youtube Videos courtesy of Sophia Torrisi and WMG)

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