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Español: Composición de Suecia en el Festival ...
Yes it is going to be a Lucky Year for our site as has been asked to be the official Irish Eurovision site for Ireland at the 2013 running of the Eurovision Song Contest that will take place in Malmo in Sweden next year in May! So hold on to your hats as we are expecting a roller coaster of a Eurovision Ride.


Yes we will be looking for your help this year

We want your

  • Suggestions on what we could do on the site to help you get every drop of Eurovision News to you
  • Comments on all the artists in all the National Finals across Europe
  • News that you think we should know and share with our devoted followers

Where to begin?

Well we will look at what has happened across Europe so far and see what each of the countries are proposing to do in order to be the successor to Loreen and Sweden. So get ready as Eurovision 2013 and Eurovision Ireland begins right now. Our countdown calendar to the 2013 Eurovision Final has begun and you can count down the days with us here at Eurovision Ireland – Your Official 2013 Irish Eurovision Website.

It will be Europhic!

Author – Garrett Mulhall Creator and Senior Editor at Eurovision Ireland

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