Eurovision 2012

News Flash – Rumour Mill

Ok – Not long to go now and the time is almost upon us. After my last meal in Baku I felt like it was the last apostles meeting as me and my Eurovision Friends and Colleagues sat and discussed what happened today.

  • First Rumour is that Russia has won the Jury Vote. How did we hear this? Well we believe that it has come from the Russian Press themselves. That would make sense as the concerns over The Grannies chances of winning are “How will Russia score with the Juries?”
  • The Voting Order of the countries – which is based mainly on how the Juries have voted – so that they are organised in a way that would provide for an exciting final scoreboard. Interesting is that the last country to vote is that of Israel – who have a reputation of voting for Russia and giving them their 12 points.
  • The other rumour is that Sweden has not scored well with the Juries. This is because her Jury voting dress rehearsal did not go that well. Would you believe it but Loreen managed to swallow some of the snow that she gets covered it and missed some of her notes. This does not seem to have gone down well with the Juries
  • Malta seems to have done well with the Juries from what I am hearing at the moment. That comes as no surprise to me as Kurt has been playing a blinder with each of his performances. It would be nice to have Eurovision on the beach front in Valletta.
  • The big rumour is that Spain has had a wonderful Jury Rehearsal and has come way up in the rankings. So much money has gone on Spain in the betting order that the chances of winning have shortened. The Spanish really feel as if they are in with a great chance of winning and I have to agree with them.
  • As for Ireland – well their Jury voting rehearsal was their best so far. People are saying that they are looking good for a Top 10 finish – Fingers Crossed

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