Eurovision 2012

Cyprus – Looking all Grecian

Cyprus is towering over its bigger brother Greece

We were all unsure if Ivi Adamou could sing live and today she answered those questions resoundingly today.

Cyprus Eurovision Song 2012

  • This song always reminds me of the theme song to the children’s tv show “Lazy Town with Sportacus”
  • The cheese – o- meter– It would be a great piece of Feta Cheese with a punch of chilli
  • Eurovision Singer Credentials: Ivi’s vocals were amazing. She sounded very much like Taylor Dayne (80’s American Diva)
  • Band: She is accompanied by 4 backing singers/dancers who all performed wonderfully
  • Staging/Performance/ Routine – Cyprus have understood that you need to fill this big stage in Baku and we find Ivi standing on top of a stone based structure with her 4 backing singers/dancers adorning her. She dances in a very Grecian manner which ties in the backdrop of the very ornate latin designs. At one stage Ivi is lifted above by her 4 female dancers in a lounging pose which all looks stunning on the stage and camera. When the song hits the climax Ivi breaks into a very strong dance routine complete with the classic Eurovision Wind Machine.

Eurovision prediction alert : It is a big Euro Pop summer hit written all over it. This song has pleasantly surprised me and is running into the Eurovision finals.

Good Job Cyprus

(Video courtesy of ESCDaily)

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  1. I love it, its so catchy, i can defo see myself and alot of others doing some damage to this sonfg on the dance floor.. lets just hope all of ireland get behind it and push on them douze points!

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