Eurovision 2012

San Marino – How Many” Pokes” have they received here in Baku

San Marino Eurovision Song entry

As my colleague David from the Uk would say “Ah Bless”

The Cheese- o- meter: Today we are going to continue the “cheese” theme to describe the songs. If Israel was Gorgonzola then San Marino is definitely Parmesan (strong with a little hint of sick) BUT WE ALL LOVE IT!!

After a lot of technical difficulties again in the sound stage we had to wait over 40 minutes before we could get to hear the “Social Network Song”.

  • Eurovision Song – This is oh so bad that it is oh so good. The lyrics use that well-known Eurovision technique of mentioning as many well known phrases that translate into any language – so we heard a lot of “Log On”, “Uh Oh” etc which you cannot forget or get out of your head. The song is catchy and a euro/tech/funk style to it
  • Eurovision contestant: Throughout Valentina’s rehearsals she sang well and her pronunciation has improved since the Eurovision In Concert show in Amsterdam
  • Staging/Performance/Routine – Oh this is where we go cheesy BIG TIME and I love it. We got a glimpse of the costumes that they will be wearing. The San Marino national colours are in overdrive with Blue and White being the colours de jour.They range from pilots to sailors to a skimpy cheeky number for Valentina herself. The backdrop is very striking. They have a virtual web connection imagery with Facebook Pictures zooming across. Intersected are Twitter like bubbles with the lyrics of the song. If that wasn’t enough Valentina has her own Laptop on stage that she uses to log onto “The Social Network” while her backing singers were sporting a Mobile Phone and an I-Pad. High Tech beyond belief – but throw in a cheesy dance routine that I found myself doing – sorry yes I was wincing again (must be the heat here in Baku)

Eurovision Prediction 2012:

This song is throwing EVERYTHING it has at the entry and it had the audience in floods of laughter. I think we were laughing “with” San Marino and not “at” them. Personally I loved them and would love to see it in the final but one fears that people will not see the irony in the song.

Final analysis: Chances of qualifying are tough – but we would love them to though

(Video courtesy of ESCDaily)

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