"Eurovision In Concert" Amsterdam 2012



“Eurovision in Concert” takes place every year in Amsterdam and is a concert with many of the performing artists in the year’s actual Eurovision Contest. This year proved to be a bumper year with many countries in attendance. However what was most intriguing was that the Top Countries in the betting polls were absent. This included Sweden, Denmark, Serbia, Italy and The Russian Grannies. Ask yourself the question – WHY?

Now the reason could simply be that their rehearsal schedules might be limiting their availability. However one could believe that they might be weighed down with the heavy burden of being the pre contest favourites. Furthermore I believe that they might be worried about being seen on the same stage as some of their competition. Yes having not performed live or to a packed audience might just be too daunting for some of the performers at this stage in the run up to Europe‘s Favourite TV Show.

Now “Eurovision In Concert 2012” took place in Amsterdam last Saturday to a packed audience of almost two thousand fans.

Unlike the actual Eurovision itself:

  • The running order for the concert on Saturday was not done by a lottery draw but selected specifically by the organisers themselves.
  •  It is highly regarded that the anticipated crowd pleasers and therefore potential Eurovision high scorers are kept towards the end of the show.
  • Keeping to tradition the final act was the host country – and the lovely Joan from the Netherlands closed out the show with her charming folk/pop song.
  • More interesting was that Jedward were kept until the second last country to perform.

This is certainly no coincidence as the organisers knew that the Twins would have a great stage persona and were the act that most people were there to see for a variety of reasons. In the run up to this year’s Eurovision, critics of the twins have yet again taken their jabs at the Dublin Duo – despite being the biggest selling record from the 2011 Eurovision contest – Jedward still have those people who are determined to say that last year “was a fluke”, “they have lost their novelty factor” and “Waterline is no Lipstick“.

Jedward at Eurovision in Concert:

Well Saturday saw Jedward take to the stage and sing live while at the same time engaging in a dance routine that no other act at the show dare to try and match. Dressed in their black & gold costumes from the Irish National final, the brothers whipped the audience into a frenzy and performed “Waterline” note perfect and with such energy that I am sure you could have powered every light socket in Amsterdam for the weekend. Not content with giving just one performance, like all the participants do, John and Edward broke into an accapella version of “Lipstick”. As you will see the crowd went crazy.

I have heard of bringing the music to the audience but in John’s world that means jumping into the crowd for pictures and dancing with the fans. Just when you think that they cannot go that step further – off came their designer and unique High Top Trainers and were thrown into the frenzied audience. It really was a “SHOW” and for me displayed just how strong they are as entertainers. This comes from relentlessly touring and performing across the globe and their time that they have spent being mentored with Eurovision Winner Linda Martin. You really cannot buy or manufacture such energy and dedication.

So what has been said after the Amsterdam concert?

I can tell you – even the hardest of critics could not complain about Jedward’s vocals and performance. All I could see on Twitter was “Oh maybe I have underestimated Waterline”. Well that is how the boys like it. They were always the underdogs when on X-Factor and even at Eurovision last year, but that only seems to spur the duo on further to succeed. As you read this post there are many on line voting polls being amended and people betting money on Jedward to do better at Eurovision yet again this year than first predicted. Despite me having complete confidence in the proven ability of the Twins, it is always refreshing to see people following my original train of thought.

Eurovision Prediction

When looking at the boys performance I get the distinct feeling that come the actual Eurovision that we are going to have water on stage in some shape or form. When the songs slows down and the guys come together and look to the sky – you cannot feel that a water effect is just bursting to make its way to the stage like a fireman’s hose. This is certain to wash a lot of the competition away. After all you only have 3 minutes to impress the juries and voting public at Eurovision and John and Edward had the Amsterdam crowd in their hands from the first few seconds that they were on stage. So my question is to all the doubters out there – What more must the Twins do before they are given the same opportunity as all other singers?

If the video views from the Amsterdam Concert are to go by – then John and Edward are certainly in the running for a Top 3 finish in Baku.

What do you think?

  • Is it a foregone conclusion that Sweden is going to win?
  • Are Jedward in the running for a Top 3 finish?
  •  Were the pre Eurovision Favourites absent from Amsterdam for a reason?

Let us know.

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  1. Jedward were one of three acts who not only presented their entry, but delivered a proper performance in Amsterdam. While San Marino’s Valentina Monetta lip-synched herself through a show that reminded me of Sydne Rome’s aerobic activities a few decades ago, Mandinga from Romania showed us a really action-packed performance and partly reenacted their official video – which features the same studio version as it could be heard in Amsterdam!

    It can’t be highlighted enough that only Jedward did a spot-on live performance, incorporating a proper dance routine as well as their unique antics which you can’t even try to copy without failing (Who was the guy who affectedly cartwheeled out of nowhere and then got on with singing his singalong? Awkward!).

    The crowd just went mad when Edward started the legendary one-handed cartwheel and even that moment was worth the trip to Amsterdam. But they had even more for us and as if we didn’t *know* they wouldn’t just leave after the song, they still managed to surpass my expectations by entertaining and working the crowd, leaving no doubt who was the top act on that evening. John & Edward easily outstaged everyone by their charismatic show and I have no doubt that they are going to take it to another level once they set foot in Baku!

    Waterline is a great popsong that already hit the top of the iTunes charts in 5 countries and Jedward are the ultimate power team, knowing how to impress and getting noticed.

    • Well Said Graf – I have lots of videos from the show from lots of the fans and the crowd were really enjoying the guys performances. Personally I thought they sounded wonderful and the song is much better when heard and seen live. It was announced today that they are putting 50 thousand Euro of their own money into their stage show in Baku with a massive Lady Gaga Egg inspired entrance. I still think we will see water on the stage at some point. I am very happy you enjoyed thier perofrmance

    • The twins are amazing on stage, all there is to say really.
      Their live performance of any song is always better than any studio version.

  2. It’s possible that they were chosen as the penultimate act on the night because as they were in last years contest they were probably the most well known name on the bill.

    However they really are a finale act, they just bound on and off and all around the stage with such infectious energy is it just very hard for another act to follow them.

    • Very true indeed “River”
      Being one of the few returning acts this year at Eurovision they will be known but I also think that they are a great crowd pleasing act and the organisers knew that people would want to see them and expect the unexpected from them – which was the case with the jumping into the audience and the runner slining etc but more importantly the high impact of the song. It gets people dancing and singing for sure and that is what will convert into votes across Europe for sure

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