Sexuality, Nationality and Jedward at Eurovision

Some people may not know that Eurovision was created after World War II in an attempt to bring the nations of the war-torn continent together. It was seen that Eurovision would be a cultural vehicle to mend rifts across Europe through the common denominator of music being an international language. Throughout the decades this sentiment has remained but it has also evolved.

Radio Interview

“Evolved” I hear you say? Yes “evolved”. Eurovision has become the social musical sound track to many countries and minority groups in a country’s DNA. I was very happy to talk to Australia’s Joy Radio Station on their “Eurovision Countdown Show” this week. We talked of how Ireland – seen as a very conservative country over the decades – has been on a musical and social journey at Eurovision since our first hosting in of the contest in 1971 to having our first openly gay singer Brian Kennedy represent us in 2006. It was an interesting discussion on how our journey as a nation was very much reflected in our Eurovision Success throughout the Celtic Tiger Years.


In their own energetic persona, further breaks down those stereotypes of Ireland at Eurovision, where we can send a youthful up temp song/act and that shows Ireland as a country that is not stuck in the past but is forward thinking and ready again for success at home and abroad.

In the Interview:

We talked of other acts who have managed to show a social aspect of their country and sexuality at Eurovision – Like Slovenia and the Ukraine. If you listen to the full show you will get to hear both “Lipstick” and “Waterline” and some opinions of Australians on Ireland’s chances at this years contest.

We would like to hear your opinions?

  • Do you think that Eurovision is an important social event or is it purely an entertainment show?
  • Also do you agree with the Australians opinions of the songs at this year’s contest?

Let us know.

Here is the link to the full show

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  1. Dear Eurovision Ireland
    Your first paragraph made me very curious about the beginnings of Eurovision now – The post World War II Significance was something I did not know. Thanks for that! Would love to see vintage footage and pics from the first ever Eurovision one day.

    • That is a really good point you made their Elish. Maybe we should do a Eurovision History category. I am actually going to be back on Joy Eurovision Radio again this Friday the 28th talking of the history of the Irish Language and Jedward at Eurovision. Stay posted. Thanks for your post. Garrett

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