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Serbia and Slovenia at Odds With Each Other – And Romania/Slovakia and FYR Macedonia look in Jepordy

They maybe Blakan Brothers but their approach to Eurovision 2013 is miles apart. Serbian Broadcastyer today – still revelling in another Top 3 finish in this year’s Eurovision – have announced the details of their national selection process. Unlike this year they will be having an open contest and as […]

Eurovision Gets Political

How many times are we reminded that Eurovision was created to overcome political differences and unite the continent through cultural exchange. Well in a unpressedented economic environment “Politics and Eurovision” are taking centre stage in Greece. I feel that I am doing the “Hokey Pokey” dance where Greece are […]

Belgium Goes Bellarosa

Belgian broadcaster RTBF have announced that Roberto Bellarosa will be tasked of bringing the Grand Prix back to Belgium after a 26 year wait since they last staged the Eurovision in 1987. So who is Roberto? As his name suggests – Roberto is of Italian origin and was […]