Eurovision National Finals 2013

San Marino : Press Release today with further details

Flag San Marino

Flag San Marino (Photo credit: erjkprunczýk)

Who will represent San Marino at Eurovision 2013 in Malmö? For a small country this land locked nation is certainly getting a lot of media attention of late. Since their first entry to Eurovision in 2008 they have yet to qualify for the final. But 2013 is the year for them according to SMTV (National Broadcaster)

The general director of SMTV, Mr. Carlo Romeo, has confirmed to news agency –  Il Giornale – “that SMTV has received many proposals of various singers that want to represent San Marino at the next Eurovision.  A special committee of music experts has been appointed to select the entrant for 2013”.

Here though is the very interesting part of the statement. Mr. Carlo continued telling the local press that” at present we are considering four possible candidates for Malmö, but due to confidentiality I cannot reveal the names.  However I can confirm  that 2 of those candidates are international and highly praised by eurofans”.

Now over the weekend the first lady of Eurovision, Lys Assia‘s team said that she was not considering trying to represent any other country at Eurovision besides her beloved Switzerland. However San Marino could now be back on the cards – any maybe we could see Lys Assia’s Swiss entry from this year at Eurovision yet. A formal press conference will take place at the end of the month when SMTV will announce their entrants details. So “refrain” from despair as you may still see Lys at Eurovision again.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of BundesvisionTV)

Author/Website Founder and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

Source : SMTV & Il Giornale

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    • Apologies Klaus – I was writing several articles concurrently and got my islands and land locked nations crossed mixed and dates. Amended and thank you for bringing to my attention. You were the only person who picked up on mistake – depsite several hundred people reading it. So well spotted

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