Exclusive – Ireland 2013 – Eurosong Finalists Confirmation


Aimee Eurosong

(Photograph courtesy of Aimee Facebook Page)

Who will be in the Irish Eurosong Final 2013? Well I can reveal exclusively that Aimée aka Aimée Marguerite Fitzpatrick will be a Eurosong 2013 finalist. Aimée is an accomplished dancer and choreographer and often teaches at the renowned Backstreet Dance Studios. There she has honed her skills alongside the likes of Khasan Brailford (Beyoncé, J-Lo, Rihanna, Kylie Minogue); Laura Edwards (Justin Bieber, Britney Spears) and Jae Fuzz (Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj); among many others.

Aimée presented her demo to JMWEST Entertainment in Beverley Hills where the positive feedback she received led Aimée to work on some of her own original tracks. At the age of 17 she is already signed to E.N.D. Music and among her accomplishments she has performed with previous Irish Eurovision Act “Jedward”. We believe that Mark McCabe will be Aimee’s mentor. Here is a sample of Aimee’s music

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Aimee5981)

Melanie McCabe

(Photograph courtesy of and ITV)

We now have been told that Melanie will be Mentored by Mairéad Farrell.

Zoe 2

(Photograph Courtesy of Zoë Alexis Bohorquez Facebook)

Sultry Zoe looks like she will be mentored by Niall Mooney

Still to be confirmed by Shay Healy‘s team, but we are holding onto the hope that it will be the duet of Rachel Murphy and Donna Taggart.

That just leaves one entrant to be announced and we believe this to be a male solo singer – no details as of yet. It looks like Royseven will not be competing – which is a shame. So it could be an all female battle! One thing for certain is that this Eurosong is going to be filled with bright young Irish talent and we applaud RTE and the mentors for this.

Author/Website founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. Zoe is an r&b singer and dancer that would be great to send over the rest of the contenders will be the same as every year

  2. So far all I see can see it utter garbage. Still it is the quality of the song not the history of the singer that generally counts. But so far im not really impressed. Give us a proper band for a change RTE.

  3. No Jedward!!!!!!!!!!! They should have the trio. I hope they will still get into the Eurosong. If there would be no Jedward, I think Ireland has no chance

  4. With the right song 2013 could be the year Ireland wins their 8th victory! But, I still think Cascada’s song Glorious which is entering the German NF (if picked) will be a runaway winner in Malmo =)

  5. heathers would not win eurovision, good band but a totally overrated ..the lineup looks like its fresh, I haven’t heard about any of these acts before with the exception of the xfactor contestant melanie but I do think it is refreshing that it is not the same names being mentioned or how have performed before..interseted to hear the songs now!!!

    • The reason Loreen won last year was because it was different. Ireland have gone for the same old acts AGAIN! Heathers hae a unique sound, which would have been a departure from the numerous Loreen tribute acts that will no doubt be in abundance this year. Ireland have always been trend setters at Eurovision – we should lead not follow! Perhaps ill be surprised by the songs but on spec no one in this line up fills me with confidence!

      • But all the acts this year so far Sinead are new to Eurovision. Remember that Loreen entered the Swedish National Final before she won last year. So she was a regular singer in Sweden but new to Europe. The smae could be said for the Irish Acts this year – No?

  6. Refreshing young and different at last the dinosaurs at rte have been wheeled out and someone with a fresh approach has been appointed. Now lets get the venue right and the song for the eurosong final to excite us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Aww man! None of these excite me. I see there is a Loreen look a like in there as well in the shape of Zoe, please do not let this be a cheap copy! Was really hoping for Heathers but sadly it’s not to be. Suppose all I can do is give ’em a chance n see what grabs me!

    • Really Sinead? I think it is a fresh line up and some new talent to keep those who followed Jedward for the last 2 years to enjoy. We would love to see Nikki Kavanagh and Una Gibney and Royseven back too

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