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#Moldova The 10 Finalists Revealed!

The live auditions for ‘O melodie pentru Europa’ were held earlier today and Teleradio-Moldova already announced the 10 finalists. In alphabetical order, they are:  Anna Odobescu – Stay Chirtoacă Aurel – La cinema Coşciug Cristina – Virus Diana Brescan – Lies Frimu-Maria Mihaela – Olimp Maria Gospodinova- GravitTy […]

#AUT Getting To Know Pænda

Pænda, born on 25 January 1989 in Deutschlandsberg, Styria, was presented yesterday as Austria’s representative at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. Although Pænda is not yet widely known as an artist, she has already gained some experience with a larger audience, for example during Donauinselfest […]