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#SLOVENIA – Live Blog of EMA 2022 from 20:20 CET

Dober večer Evropa! Dobro jutro Avstralija! Welcome to Ljubljana, welcome to EMA 2022!

Tonight, we’re going to find out who will represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy.

A total of 12 acts will take part in tonight’s final, with the winner being decided by a combination of jury and public vote.

The running order is as follows:

  1. Anabel – ‘Tendency’
  2. Stela Sofia – ‘Tu in zdaj’
  3. Manouche – ‘Si sama?’
  4. Leya Leanne – ‘Naked’
  5. BQL – ‘Maj’
  6. Gušti ft. Leyre – ‘Nova romantika’
  7. July Jones – ‘Girls Can Do Anything’
  8. David Amaro – ‘Še vedno si lepa’
  9. LPS – ‘Disko’
  10. Hauptman – ‘Sledim’
  11. Luma – ‘All In’
  12. Batista Cadillac – ‘Mim pravil’

You can watch the final of EMA 2022 live here.

Eurovision Ireland’s veteran Bogdan is here with you in this fantastic evening so sit back, relax and enjoy the show through my eyes. As always, you’re more than welcome to leave a comment with your opinion and might even give you a shout in this Live Blog.

You know the drill, just refresh this page to get the latest comments.


Dober večer Evropa! Dobro jutro Avstralija! Get your drinks and snacks ready, the show is due to start in a few minutes. Are you ready?

And we’re live! The 12 contestants are presented.

Here are the hosts of EMA 2022, don’t they look lovely?

If you want to give your opinion on tonight’s final, you can use the #EMA2022.

Here we go with the first contestant.

Anabel – ‘Tendency’

Anabel is singing tonight a mid-tempo pop song in the style of Demi Lovato from the 2010s. Her vocals are good and I appreciate the effort of singing and performing a choreography (accompanied on stage by 4 dancers). I’m all for girl power, but I’m not a huge fan of the lyrics (as they become a bit too personal and not relatable). Still, a good opening for tonight’s show.

Stela Sofia – ‘Tu in zdaj’ (Here and Now)

Stela is alone on the stage and presents us a pop ballad very much in the style of Eurovision. I love that she’s singing in Slovenian, but I feel that she could take this song and make it even bigger. As it is now, the performance feels safe and tamed. Not sure if this will be remembered by the end of the night. Performing 2nd is not always in the singer’s favour.

Manouche – ‘Si sama?’ (Are you alone?)

I love the energy these guys have on the stage. The song itself it’s a combination of pop and jazz (swing, lindy-hop). I would have liked to have seen a proper choreography because as it is, lacks a bot of cohesion in moves. Still, I am really enjoying this. I would dance to this if I knew how to do this style justice. Good effort!

Leya Leanne – ‘Naked’

Leya sings a country-pop song and you can hear the Swedish influence in this composition. The vocals are strong, however the song doesn’t seem to go anywhere. It was pleasant but unfortunately it lacks the sing-a-long component that we all love to hear at Eurovision. I smiled when one of the guitarists winked at the camera. Nice try 🙂

BQL – ‘Maj’ (May)

Did you know that the two singers from BQL are brothers? Rok and Anej are at their 3rd attempt to represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest. They won the televote both in 2017 and 2018, but the jury didn’t score them high.  Can they win tonight? Well from what I’ve seen so far, this has a great potential. There was a small hiccup at the end but all in all, very enjoyable. This pop song was sung with conviction and both Rok and Anej know how to connect with the audience behind the camera. The modern sound made me tap along to the rhythm. Not a bad effort from BQL (the song even has a key change – yay). Well done guys! Maybe this is your year.

Gušti ft. Leyre – ‘Nova romantika’ (New Romance)

I feel like I’m at a pub listening to a fan favourite band. The performance is filmed very much in close-up mode, which makes it more personal. I like it but I’m not sure how well it would translate on a bigger stage. I must admit that this is one of my guilty pleasures from tonight’s final. Good vocals and excellent connectivity with the camera.

Time for a first ad break 🙂

July Jones – ‘Girls Can Do Anything’

Modern, girl-empowering and slightly towards hard-core kink, July’s performance tonight is definitely memorable. A great show from July and her dancers with an infectious repetition of ‘girls can do anything’; maybe a bit too repetitive? I have the impression this song will get stuck in my head. I can see this doing well with the public, but I’m not so sure what the jury will think of it.

David Amaro – ‘Še vedno si lepa’ (You’re still beautiful)

David sings a ballad with much conviction and great connectivity with the camera. His vocals are on point and the delivery of emotions is where it needs to be. Is this a novelty? No, but a good song and a confident performance. I love that we hear so many songs tonight in Slovenian. Dobro opravljeno! (Well done!)

LPS – ‘Disko’ (Disco)

LPS are serving us a funky-disco song and I’m tapping along to it. It’s kind of refreshing seeing such a young band singing this genre. I applaud their effort, but I wish they would have had some sort of choreography to make it more engaging for the audience watching this at home. For a song called ‘Disko’, the movements were quite minimalistic.

Hauptman – ‘Sledim’ (Following)

This song has a jazz vibe to it and it’s something you could hear in a lounge while enjoying a drink with your friends. I must admit it is not my cup of tea as I find it like a lukewarm coffee. Also, Hauptman needs to connect more with the camera. Keeping your eyes close might work for a concert, but not for a TV show. However, I appreciate his commitment and it showed he enjoyed being on the stage.

Luma – ‘All In’

As soon as I see this, my mind went back to 2019 and Sebi. Slovenia, you’ve done this before and it went really well. This time though, the performance is a bit more dark or creepy. Not saying it is a bad thing though. There’s something hypnotic about this song and I can see why some see this as a contender for the win. Do I agree? Well I’m not that convinced, but it was certainly memorable.

Batista Cadillac – ‘Mim pravil’ (Mim rules)

I love the soul vibe of this song. The singer’s vocals are good and song has the right sounds to be entertaining. Unfortunately, the connectivity with the camera is not always there. It is an aspect that many forget. You always have to connect. Having said that, I won’t complain seeing the lead singer from many angles. He is quite an eye-candy and many I think will agree. Curious to see if the audience and the jury will score high this entry. The song has potential and the sound of it reminds me of Amy Winehouse’s songs.

That was it, we’ve seen all the 12 acts of tonight’s EMA final. Who was your favourite? For me it’s between BQL, July Jones and David Amaro. Having said that, very close I have Batista Cadillac.

If you’re in Slovenia, here are the phone numbers to vote for your favourite.


There is still time to vote so don’t leave it to chance 😉

While we wait, we see the Slovenian version of Zitti E Buoni. Very impressive vocals and cool choreography.

We’ll be back after the ad break.

We have the first votes

The 2nd jury

The Radio vote

So according to the jury Mim Pravil – Batista Cadillac is the favourite to win.

The televote favoruite is DISKO- LPS, who wins it ALL!


Congratulations to LPS! Thank you to everyone who followed this Live Blog tonight, you rock! Do you agree with the results?

See you on our next Live Blog.

Author: Bogdan Fedeles

Source: Tv Slovenja 1, Eurovision Ireland

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