#ROMANIA The 20 Semi-Finalists Announced!

TVR – the Romanian Broadcaster has just announced the 20 acts going through to the Semi-Finals of the Romanian National Selection for Eurovision 20222.

Here are the acts. In white – the acts qualified by the jury and in yellow – the acts qualified by the public’s vote.

  • Alex Parker & Erik Frank & Bastien – “Best of me”
  • Aldo Blaga – “Embers”
  • Andra Oproiu – “Younique”
  • Andrei Petruş – “Take me”
  • ARIS – “Do Svidaniya” (Goodbye)
  • Cezar Ouatu – “For everyone”
  • Claudia, Minodora, Diana – “România mea” (My Romania)
  • Dora Gaitanovici – “Ana”
  • E-an-na – “Malere”
  • Eliza G – “The other half of me”
  • Eugenia Nicolae – “Doina”
  • Gabriel Basco – “One night”
  • Kyrie Mendél – “Hurricane”
  • Mălina – “Prisoner”
  • MOISE – “Guilty”
  • Oana Tabultoc – “Utopia”
  • Petra – “Ireligios” (Irreligious)
  • VANU – “Never give up”
  • Vizi Imre – “Sparrow”
  • WRS – “Llámame” (Call me)

On the 17th of February, the second phase of the Semi-Final will be aired live and these 20 acts will receive a score from the jury right after their performances. No televote will be allowed at this stage and only 10 acts will go through to the Finals (5th of March 2022).

Did your favourite make the cut?

Source: TVR, Eurovision Ireland

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