#BIRTHDAY: Ott Lepland from Estonia is 36 today

#BIRTHDAY: Ott Lepland from Estonia is 36 today

It’s always good when a singer’s birthday comes along whose song is a personal favourite. And when it’s perhaps a Baltic song, even better. And it comes from an excellent year.

Estonia has only had one win so far, but there have been a lot of times they could have gone even closer. Take 2012 for example. ERR sent today’s birthday boy Ott Lepland with a killer ballad. He sailed through his semi-final, but was up against a tough field. In the final, he got revenge on one of the three countries that beat him in his semi. To say he did so well in the final, he didn’t score a single maximum. but who cares, he got Estonia yet another top 10 finish. They’ve had top 10 placings since, but no entry has done better since Ott sang his heart out to sixth.

Authors: Riigi Ametni, John Stanton

Source: OnEurope

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