#BIRTHDAY: TWiiNS from Slovakia are 37 today

#BIRTHDAY: TWiiNS from Slovakia are 37 today

Two birthdays for the price of one. Always a bonus, don’t you think? But as you’ll gather, a fair number of twins have taken part in our favourite TV show.

There is always this fascination with twins, whether they’re tumbling around during am Albanian song, or having their hair tangled together. However, today’s twins are birthday girls Daniela and Veronika Nízlová, and did their stuff as backing singers for the Czechs in 2008 before they got their own gig in 2011. Interestingly they performed as TWiiNS, and did the two-capital-letters-two-small-letters-two capital-letters thing years before some Norwegians did the same thing. In their own right, the TWiiNS were a few mere points of a qualification, and rumours abounded that they had been done out of some points that were meant for them. But excluding the semi-final era, this was Slovakia’s best performance. Would you like to seem them back? That’s either TWiiNS or Slovakia by the way? We would.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton

Source: OnEurope

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