#BIRTHDAY: Glen Vella from Malta is 40 today

#BIRTHDAY: Glen Vella from Malta is 40 today

There are countries out there desperate to win the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time. Desperate, and will try any approach to do so. But is there a secret formula that other countries are keeping to themselves?

In other news, today’s birthday boy Glen Vella sang for Malta in 2011. He’d tried several times before and would try again. But as far as Eurovisions go, this is his finest hour to date. He is in an exclusive band of performers who finish eleventh in a semi-final. He’s also in an even more exclusive group who finished eleventh, one point behind tenth. Truly unlucky, possibly considering what beat him. One day, after Malta wins for the first time, no doubt we’ll look upon Glen’s finish and laugh.

Author: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton

Source: OnEurope

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