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#Eurovision 2023 : Day 6 Round up #UnitedbyMusic

Good evening everyone . Well, today saw Day 6 of rehearsals in Liverpool when the remaining performers from Semi Final 2 completed their second set of rehearsals . As already said this morning , week one rehearsals are closed to Press this year, however , we can see short 30 minute clips of rehearsals via You Tube and , as always, I am here to give you my thoughts on what we have seen on screen so far, although I cannot give a full opinion until we see the whole performances .

So here we go with Sarah’s review of Day 6


Andrew is alone on stage , the 30 second clip shows dark staging with LED backdrop of a waterfall and rain, with smoke effects on the stage.The pictures show this changing to a fire backdrop. Will be interesting to see the full performance.


Dilja brings us the power ( excuse the pun !) in her performance. LED backdrop of green vines and other green stuff and Dilja throwing herself around the floor as she did in the Icelandic National final .It’s looking pretty good from what bit I have seen of the rehearsal.


Victor still looks like he’s dressed for a trip to the Australian outback rather than appearing on a Eurovision stage. The short clip shows him with smoke effects surrounding him, though I do wonder if the smoke effects are a bit over the top as he seems to be slowly disappearing into the smoke as he sings . Who knows whether that may be an intentional thing ?


Blanka’s taking us to the beach and a tropical venture from what I have seen in the short clip.I’ll say no more until I have seen the full performance .


Joker Out seem to have opted for nice simple staging , but to be honest , they don’t need any gimmicks to sell their song . We await to see the full performance.


Iru in all white, looking like she’s going to a wedding rather than Eurovision . She’s stood between two LED screens , the pictures show smoke and use of a wind machine.

San Marino

Piqued Jacks have kept the red and black colour scheme for their staging . A bit difficult to make a judgement on their performance based on a 30 second clip, although for me, the vocals sounded a bit strained today . But this is only a technical rehearsal, they only have to get it right when it matters…during the live shows.


Oh my ! Austria are looking very good ! The girls are in the same white , red and black outfits , with their backing dancers in red and black. Clever LED images showing the 0.03 figures and several backing dancers forming a circular pattern around the 0.03 figure and some of the lyrics of the song. I really can’t see how this can fail to qualify for the final, going on what I saw in the 30 second clips from today and earlier this week.


It’s very typical Albanian staging with red, fire , pyros and shouting ! Not bad from Albina and Familja Kelmendi.


Monika is still in the short orange dress,looks like Kate Ryan ( Belgium 2006) shrunk hers in the wash and then passed it on .Joined by four backing dancers , LED effects on the floor and behind Monika on stage , with some orange colour to match her frock .


Voyager look to have pulled out all the stops with their staging, just in the 30 second clip, there seems to be a hell of a lot going on on that stage !Most impressive is the fact that they have a real car on stage which they get in and out of as the performance progresses. This has the makings of a great performance to close Semi Final 2.

You can see the rehearsal clips below :

What do you think? Who is impressing you the most so far?

Tomorrow we are on Day 7 when the Big 5 plus Ukraine take to the Stage for their second rehearsals.We will bring you a round up of the day’s happenings sometime tomorrow. evening .In the meantime, please keep a look out for more of our coverage of Eurovision 2023 and you can also catch up with us on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER feeds.

Author: Sarah Rudman

Source: Eurovision Ireland Eurovision.TV

Visual Source : EBU /Sarah Louise Bennett / Chloe Hashemi

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