Eurovision 2023

#Eurovision 2023: A history of each country’s highs and lows at Eurovision.

As the first rehearsals for Semi Final 1 of the Eurovision Song Contest get underway today , we at Eurovision Ireland thought it might be an idea during our build up to the contest to look back at each of the 37 participating countries highs and lows in their history of competing in the contest .Today we will focus on Albania .

When did Albania first enter the contest ?

Albania first took part in Eurovision in 2004, represented by Anjeza Shahini , singing “The image of you” in Istanbul, Turkey This was the first year that the Semi Final system of qualification to the Grand Final was used and Anjeza got Albania through to the Grand Final, where she came a very respectable 7th place, not a bad result for a first time participation .

Albania’s highest point at Eurovision

Albania’s highest final position in the contest to date is 5th place in the Grand Final, which was achieved when Rona Nishliu came 5th with 146 points at the Contest in Baku in 2012. Albania have not reached the top 5 since then.

Albania’s lowest point at Eurovision .

Albania’s worst result in the Grand Final at Eurovision so far was in 2021 when Anxhela Peristeri came 21st in the Grand Final in Rotterdam 2021, scoring just 57 points . However, there have been years where they did not qualify for the Grand Final at all, including last year when Ronela failed to qualify in Turin with her song “Sekret”.

How will they do in 2023?

This year, Albania are represented in Liverpool by Albina & Familja Kelmendi with their song “Duje”. They will be competing at 14th place in the running order in Semi Final 2 .Will they become the best or worst of Albania’s entries over the years? We’ll have to wait and see !

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Author: Sarah Rudman

Source : Eurovision.TV, Wikipedia, You Tube

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