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#CZECHIA: Live blog of ESCZ2023 from 21.00 CET

#CZECHIA: Live blog of ESCZ2023 from 21.00 CET

Czech broadcaster Česká televize launches its search for a song for Liverpool tonight, with the presentation of the five songs in the running. The results will be announced on Tuesday 7 February, giving the public plenty of time to vote for their favourites.

We’ll blog the action, giving our views on the songs. As ever, just hit refresh for the latest thoughts. All times are in GMT.

You can watch the action HERE.

20.37 – And there we are. A nicely efficient national final. Watch out for the results next week. And good night from Eurovision Ireland

20.36 – We get a quick interview with We Are Domi. Their new single is out on Friday.

20.34 – In order to vote, you – dear reader – need the Eurovision Song Contest app. So go ahead, vote.

20.33 – He has his guitar with him and he sings about the joys of being an introvert and not always wanting to go out. This has potential and has a nicely catchy chorus. There’s thought gone into the lyric and this blogger is tapping his foot along to it. I like it. Maybe it’s a two-horse race now.

20.28 – Song five – the final song – comes from Rodan. He sings Introvert party club. He takes his guitar everywhere.

20.27 – This is a multi-lingual song and grabs you very early on. It features lyrics in Czech, English, Bulgarian and Ukrainian. And there’s rap too! It’s a kitchen sink song – everything’s in there. This is serious in tone and very in-your-face. It’s probably the one to beat, and that’s not because it features Ukrainian. Very good.

20.22 – Moving onto song four is a six-piece band Vesna. They will be singing My sister’s crown.

20.21 – Markéta is alone on the small stage. Her song has a short verse before breaking into a nicely repetitive chorus. It’s a tad folksy, and it has a guitar heavily used in the backing track. It’s another nice song. And it gets a big cheer.

20.16 – Song three is by Markéta Irglová. She’ll be singing a self-composed song Happy. Markéta is an Oscar winner!

20.15 – Another trio, dressed very severely in black. Pam sings and her friends could be the Blues Sisters. It’s funky, and very wordy. And in that way it has the potential to be very very catchy. Not the longest of songs, and nicely whimsical.

20.11 – Song two comes from Pam Rabbit. She’s performing Ghosting. She has a pet rabbit, hence the name.

20.10 – Maella has two instrumentalists with her for this song of optimism. Her schtick is very breathy and slightly sultry. She appears to be having fun, and of course has a vested interest as she’s written the song. It won’t set a Eurovision dance floor alight, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

20.04 – First on is Maella. She’s performing Flood. For those who don’t know, she’s “only a friend” 😉

20.02 – “The Czech Republic (sic) could shock the world”, we’re told.

20.01 – And we’re off. With a young host.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, Česká televize

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