#BIRTHDAY: David D’Or from Israel is 57 today

#BIRTHDAY: David D’Or from Israel is 57 today

There’s a song that contains the lyric “On a cloudy day”. It almost invites three dots after it, where you can fill in your own conclusion. On a cloudy day… you can see Carola’s wind machine. For example.

Actually, today’s birthday boy sang that lyric, but might not see much cloud as he’s from sunny Israel. It’s דוד ד’אור‎/David D’Or (né דוד נחייסי/David Nehaisi), and his vocal range has to be heard to be believed. Some might think that rather than a man with a large range, his voice was a tad more feminine. But no, it’s definitely David. Even though he tried with this song, he was the first ever performer to finish eleventh in a semi-final. He was therefore a trailblazer, but perhaps not in the way he would like.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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