Here today Gone tomorrow

#HERE TODAY ,GONE TOMORROW- Where are our Eurovision stars now?

It’s back ! As we are now well into post Eurovision season, we at Eurovision Ireland are continuing our series , Here Today, Gone Tomorrow , where we look at former Eurovision stars and what happened to them following their time representing their country at Eurovision . As this year is Eurovision Ireland’s 10th anniversary, we will be mainly concentrating on past Eurovision stars from Ireland. This week, we will take a look at The Swarbriggs, who represented Ireland in 1975 and 1977.


Tommy Swarbrigg and John James “Jimmy” Swarbrigg are Irish brothers and musicians and music promoters.They were heard of as early as the 1960’s when Tommy played the trumpet with Joe Dolan’s Showband, The Drifters( NOT the American group!)In 1969 he and other backing musicians formed The Times Showband , with Jimmy coming in as a lead vocalist .The brothers wrote their own songs and they had several hit singles in Ireland. In 1973, they had their own TV show and worked independently of the showband, parting company with them in 1975. Then came their big break at Eurovision .


In 1975, Tommy and Jimmy Swarbrigg were selected by Ireland to represent them at The Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden on 22nd March 1975. The song chosen was “That’s what Friends are For”. They came a respectable 9th place with 68 points.

The Swarbriggs came back for another try at Eurovision in the 1977 contest , held in London,UK in 1977, this time joined by two female singers ,Nicola Kerr and Alma Carroll.Together , they called themselves The Swarbriggs plus Two . Their song was “It’s nice to be in love again”. Once again the song was composed by Tommy and Jimmy. They did much better this time around, achieving 3rd place with 119 points, losing out to France and the UK , who came 1st and second respectively.


The Swarbriggs went on to write further music including the song “Melanie’s Rainbow ” in 1977. They retired in 1980 ,going on to have various business ventures, promoting concerts in Ireland for various Irish and foreign artists,including Smokie, Leo Sayer, The ( American) Drifters and Richie Kavanagh. They were also attributed as the inspiration for the “My Lovely Horse” music video in the Channel 4 sitcom , Father Ted .


Today, Tommy and Jimmy are in their 70’s , they still do some composing but not quite as much. They are still keeping busy on the promoting and managing side .Up until the Covid-19 pandemic , they were still doing performances on stage as part of their showband revival show,”Reeling in the Showband years “.

So that’s our little look back in time at another Irish act that represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song contest . Please do keep a look out for our next Here Today ,Gone Tomorrow tribute to our Eurovision performers of days gone by , coming in the next week !

Author; Sarah Rudman

Source & Image Sources : RTE , Eurovision.TV , YouTube, Eurovision Gold

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