#PLAYING WITH NUMBERS: Some ESC 2022 Semi-final 1 stats

(c) Vecteezy

#PLAYING WITH NUMBERS: Some ESC 2022 Semi-final 1 stats

As we eagerly anticipate the First Semi-final of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, here are some more stats to delight or bamboozle you. As we know, seven countries will bow out tonight. Can the past teach us anything about how things might go?

Well, there are arguably sweet spots in the draw. We’ve looked at the placings since we started getting two semi-finals in 2008. Placing the 2022 running order up against it we get this.

(c) Eurovision Ireland

There are sweet spots where the Netherlands, Austria, Norway and Armenia are performing, so things could be good for them. Conversely, Switzerland and Croatia look like they could have a harder time of things.

Next, based on how the countries in the first semi-final have voted for each other since the jury and public votes were split in 2016, this is how things could shape up.

Based on this measure, the Netherlands again look assured, but Slovenia and Latvia could be heading home on Wednesday morning.

Of course, past performance is no guide to future performance, and we enjoy seeing the stats confounded. Will that happen this year? Tell us what you think.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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