#BIRTHDAY: Luca Barbarossa from Italy is 61 today

#BIRTHDAY: Luca Barbarossa from Italy is 61 today

All Eurovision eyes are increasingly focussing on the oddly anatomically shaped country that is Italy (we understand some riotous cavalcade of quality song takes place there next month). And so are we!

Our friends in Italy have at times had a strained relationship with our favourite TV show. They have their own, coming from the resort of Sanremo, which seems to be the bigger thing. Nevertheless, many Italian stars have gone and done their stuff. Today’s birthday boy Luca Barbarossa won Sanremo in 1992, but four years earlier he’d gone to Dublin with a songs that might – just might – contain the only ever fade out of a Eurovision performance (unless you know differently). Luca came equal twelfth with his guitar-heavy song in which he apologises for writing to his love. But he was in good company, as a Swede shared his placing that year.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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