Eurovision 2022

#NORWAY:Tonight Grand Final of Melodi Grand Prix #Live Blog from 19:55 CET

After what seems like an eternity, with four semi finals and a Last Chance Round over the last 5 weeks, tonight Norway will decide who will fly their flag in Turin , Italy in May at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Tonight 10 acts will take to the stage with the aim of winning that Golden ticket to Turin , they are as follows, in running order :

  1. Oda Gondrosen “Hammer of Thor”
  2. NorthKid “Someone”
  3. Anna-Lisa Kumoji “Queen Bees”
  4. Farida “Dangerous”
  5. Sofie Fjellvang “Made of Glass”
  6. Frode Vassel “Black Flowers”
  7. Christian Ingebrigtsen “Wonder of the World”
  8. Maria Mohn “Fly”
  9. Subwoolfer “Give That Wolf a Banana”
  10. Elsie Bay “Death of Us”

The acts will all perform once in a first round, then there will be a vote after which the four most voted for songs will go forward to a Gold Final. There will then be another round of voting where the top two will go head to head in a Gold Duel .Afterwards , we will hear votes from the various Norwegian regions which will decide the winner.As throughout this MGP season, our hosts will be Kåre Magnus Bergh ,Annika Momrak and Mikkel Neva.

You can watch the show HERE

Please join me, Sarah when we will be blogging all the action as it comes through live from the H3 Arena in Fornebu, Norway,when I will be giving you my thoughts and opinions on the acts as the show happens. Who do you think should represent Norway this year?Do you think there is a potential Eurovision winner amongst these acts? Drop us a line and let us know your thoughts during the show!


You’re a bit too early !!! Join us at 19:55 CET , 18:55 GMT for all the fun and action from Norway .

And, we’re back ! Just a reminder to you all that to follow the blog,just REFRESH THIS PAGE ! Get your drinks and snacks ready and get comfy for the evening, it’s going to be a long one ! We’re just waiting to be let into NRK’s live stream , then the show will be underway !

Whoops, we’re in ! Looks like there’s a bit of a warm up going on

Lots of parties going on, supporting the acts this evening

Elsie Bay seems to have a large fan base !We have been treated to a rendition of Rise Like a Phoenix by the hosts, Kare , Annika and Mikkel, you will know and love them by now

We have been introduced to the acts tonight, good luck to them all. Annika is just explaining the voting process tonight . We get to see all 10 acts first, then they will be reduced to four for the Gold Final.

Looks like we are about to start the performances, we are seeing the introductory video of Oda Gondrosen now

Oda Gondrosen “Hammer of Thor”

It’s a shame that this was put first in the running in order but I can see why. It’s a very powerful bit of Nordic music. Oda dressed in all black, looking very warrior like. She starts of the song in her slow haunting voice, which then builds up with a haunting battle cry sound. She is then joined by four drummers , It’s very powerful and Oda really does sell the song very well, I was hooked for all the three minutes ! A great start to the show !

NorthKid “Someone”

Just to mention that we have an audience in the arena tonight, albeit a limited one , it really does make a difference to the effectiveness of the show .Onto Northkid now .These guys were automatic qualifiers to the final so avoided the semi final battles.The performance starts with two of the guys on stage with a red curtain behind them pulled down . One at a piano, one lead singing, the curtain then falls to reveal the other band members. It’s very remiscent of something Gary Barlow and Take That would have done, a nice pop/power ballad .It’s nice but my worry is that it would get lost among other similar entries in Turin. Good performance though .

Anna-Lisa Kumoji “Queen Bees”

This act is fresh in my mind as we only saw it last week. One thing I can say is that it’s fun , but very reminscent of a certain Junior Eurovision winner for Georgia some years ago ! At least the outfits are ! Anna and her backing singers in……Black, yellow striped outfits , yes, just like a bee ! It’s catchy, I’ll give it that , with some bee sounds in it . One thing I can say is that it does stand out , more for the outfits than the actual song . I am not sure what Europe would make of it, people with a sense of humour may vote for it, not so sure about the Juries ! It’s gone down well in the arena!

Farida “Dangerous”

This is lovely! Farida, you could say , is Norway’s answer to Adele and apart from the hair colour, doesn’t look unlike her either .We also have dancing violinists accompanying Farida on stage .She’s wearing the same green and black two toned outfit from the semis and the stage complements this with a green and black light effects . We then get fire pyros for the finale of the song. A very powerful ballad and Farida sings with such emotion.I would like to see a bit more connection with the camera though . A good performance .

We’re getting a short interval now , with Anna -Lisa ,Northkid and Maria Mohn being interviewed.Now we’re over tp the fan bases .Awww, some children have made a model Northkid ! Very sweet ! 🙂 .

Sofie Fjellvang “Made of Glass”

Sofie has a past connection with Eurovision as her song was written by Mørland , who you will recall represented Norway with Deborah Scarlett in 2015 with “A Monster like me”. When you hear the song, you can hear the Mørland influences in there .Sofie looks very elegant in a long gold spangle skirt and same colour short top, she’s surrounded on stage by pieces of glass , which seems apt as the song title is Made of Glass.Sofie has a powerful voice,there’s no backing singers and to be honest , she doesn’t need them . I do think though at times her voice gets a little too screechy . Nevertheless , a great performance and she does connect with the camera at times.

Frode Vassel “Black Flowers”

We’re getting through the acts quick tonight ! We’re onto Frode now . You may recall that he won the 1st semi final many weeks ago.Frode is on stage infront of what looks like railings changing colour. Looks like his accompanying drummer is in jail as he’s sat behind the railings .As the song would suggest, Frode is dressed in black.It’s a nice generic pop song , well performed and Frode’s vocals are sound. However, I just wonder whether he would stand out in Turin amongst similar entries, it’s more a radio song than for ESC, me thinks .

Christian Ingebrigtsen “Wonder of the World”

Another power ballad, with Christian sat at a piano on a platform. he’s joined by violinists and celloists on stage . Dark staging with a world stage prop in the background . It’s a nice song and Christian clearly enjoys performing , but I think nice is a good way to describe this song, it doesn’t really stand out enough for me and it may struggle to be noticed amongst much stronger entries . Nice , unfortunately, doesn’t always do well at Eurovision, it needs to be memorable .

Maria Mohn “Fly”

Maria won the Last Chance round last week, I was surprised that she had to go through Last Chance to get to the final as her song deserved to go straight through , in my view. It’s another very Nordic song with Maria starting wit a typical nordic sounding cry , she then walks down the stage and is then joined by four male drummers. She’s dressed in very traditional celtic dress. We also get fire pyros towards the finale of the song. It’s powerful and Maria does really sell the song well. For me, it’s a bit too similar to Hammer of Thor , they could cancel each other out for votes, although I think Maria just beats Oda ,but not by much.

Subwoolfer “Give That Wolf a Banana”

And,,,here come the favourites to win the whole thing ! There has been a lot about these guys in the ESC media , including what their real identities are. This is not a song to subject your young kids too, with lyrics about Grandma tasting the best ! . Little Red Riding Hood seems tame compared to this !It’s a very slickly choreographed performance ,with the guys in their now famous yellow wolf masks , with three backing dancers with heads covered in yellow masks with dark glasses over them. It’s gone down well in the hall. One thing’s for sure, it would certainly get noticed in Turin ! It will definitely be amongst the contenders for the win tonight .

Fans chanting Elsie Bay….I have a hunch she ‘s next to perform 🙂

Elsie Bay “Death of Us”

Elsie automatically qualified for the final and is a popular act this year . Big cheer from the crowd as she comes on .This is very elegant staging and presentation , Elsie dressed in an all cream , all in one suit.I can see why she’s a favourite, she sings with such passion and emotion. She’s initially alone on stage, later joined in the finale of the song by violinists and the ending is extremely powerful, with a bit of wind machine too !Definitely a contender and , I feel possibly tonight’s winner .I was engaged all the three minutes of that !Very moving

And that’s it, you’ve seen all 10 songs . So now it’s up to the Norwegian public to decide which four make it to the Gold Final. I have to say the quality of the acts tonight has been amazing and there are a few who would do well in Turin, I am struggling to pick 4 ,just because they are so good . We are just getting a recap now .

We’re getting a treat of former Melodi Grand Prix acts with voice makeovers !Now we have some Experts giving their views on the performances

Oops…Here come the 1st results …

Sofie Fjellvang is through ….she looks shocked !

Elsie Bay is through…no surprise

Subwoolfer……Not a shock either

Northkid are through ……That is a shock ! They probably got the young vote

Well, some shocks and some not so shocks there! I really thought Farida and Oda would have gone through but what do I know ? So now they see who will go to the Gold Duel .

Northkid are through, who will they compete against ?

And it’s Subwoolfer !!!! I think fans are shocked that Elsie Bay hasn’t got through !So am I . The only thing I can think is that Northkid have got the Youth vote

We are now being treated to a viewing of who the winning act tonight will be up against in Turin , Ireland’s Brooke Scullion is amongst them 🙂 .

So now we are going to see Northkid and Subwoolfer perform again

Northkid -Someone

It’s a nice song and the backdrop showing people together is quite effective .It’s got enough to appeal to a younger audience , the pyros towards the finale of the song are done to great effect and there’s no doubt that the vocals are good . I do wonder though, how they would fare in Turin against other similar bands .

Oh bless him ! Jon Ola Sand , former EBU supervisor has joined the show to give his thoughts on tonight

Subwoolfer “Give that Wold a Banana”

There’s no doubt that this really is a modern , up to date song, more fitting of the 21st century .It’s catchy, memorable and the outfits will certainly cause a stir in Turin . This will be a huge televote favourite if it goes to Turin , not so sure what the juries will make of them though ! I think it’s theirs to lose tonight but then again, what do I know ? It’s a huge hit with the live audience .

Subwoolfer fans….

So now we get the recap while the voting goes on . the results will be more tense as we will get the votes from different regions in Norway .

We have two of the members of We are Domi , this year’s Czech Republic act , talking with Mikkel

Flashback to Tix winning last year’s Melodi Grand Prix , and he’s talking of his Eurovision experience.

We’re getting treated to a different version of Fallen Angel sung now, with Tix sat on the floor playing a guitar surrounded by backing singers. He’s not got the Angel gear on tonight . He then stands up and walks to the front of the stage , joined by a choir of backing singers. It’s very effective and I actually like this version better than his Rotterdam performance .

Now being interviewed by Kåre

It’s been a long evening, hopefully the results will be coming soon …

Here we go……at last ! The acts are back on the stage

Northkid or Subwoolfer ?

1st vote – Subwoolfer in the lead

Midt Vote Subwolfer

Nord voted Northkid

Vest -Subwoolfer, this is tense !

Tix announces the final vote :

And it’s Subwoolfer !!!

So, Subwoolfer go to Turin , it was however very close , it could have gone either way , not the runaway victory expected !So Subwoolfer will perform for Norway in the 1st semi final on 10th May, I am sure that they will create great interest there ! They are going to perform again . This time joined by all of the other contestants tonight, a nice gesture I think .

What do you think of the result? How do you think Norway will fare in Turin with Subwoolfer ?

Thank you for joining me this evening , it’s been fun . Goodnight Europe, Good morning Australia

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : NRK

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