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#NORWAY : Live Blog of Last Chance show at 19:50 CET

God kveld Europa, God Morgen Australia! Tonight , Norway holds its penultimate show of its Melodi Grand Prix 2022 season , the Last Chance show . On Monday , the Norwegian public voted for four acts to go through from the 12 that didn’t make it through the semi finals , to perform tonight at the Last Chance Show. The four acts will be competing for the remaining place in next week’s Grand Final to be held at the H3 Arena in Fornebu , Norway . The four competing acts are :

  • TrollfesT – Dance Like A Pink Flamingo
  • Mari Bølla – Your Loss
  • Kim Wigaard – La Melodia
  • Maria Mohn – Fly

As with the semi finals, tonight’s show will see the acts split into two competing duels , with the winner of each duel going forward to the Gold Duel . The winner of the Gold duel will get the remaining ticket to next week’s Melodi Grand Prix Final.

Join me, Sarah as we go through the fun and action of the evening and please do let us know your thoughts about the acts tonight in our comments box. You know the drill by now, you can follow the blog by REFRESHING THIS PAGE .

You can watch the show HERE


You’re far too early !! Come back at 19:50 CET , 18:50 GMT , when we will be bringing you our thoughts and comments on the fun and action from the H3 Arena.

And , welcome back ! In a few minutes, we’ll be tuning into the NRK live stream to watch tonight’s show from the H3 arena. Our hosts are Kare Magnus Bergh, Annika Momrak and Mikkel Niva. You’ll have grown to love them by now as they have been entertaining us right through this series of MGP .Let’s hope we’re in a for a good night. Get your drinks and snacks at the ready, it’ll soon be time to start.

And, we’re in! Just getting the delights of the Norwegian lottery. There will hopefully be some lucky person in Norway tonight !

Here we go, just getting the recap of last week, the first hilight being Subwoolfer, who are the favourites to win the whole thing this year.

We are just being introduced to tonight’s performers . Now the hosts are on

Annika has gone for the mini dress look tonight ! They are just explaining the proceedings for tonight , then we get a little introduction to the artists , who are all clearly pleased to have got this far !They were informed about their passing to the Last Chance show by a phone call from the hosts to their home !

Now for the draw for the duels…

Maria Bølla V Kim Wigaard

Maria Mohn V Trollfest

Maria Bølla “Your Loss”

Maria starts off in a very regal looking pink and white chair , surrounded by several scantily clad women . A bit in the Paul Oskar type fashion. She then gets up and together with the girls they dance along to the music, it’s s a very rock type song , very lively . The only thing I would say is that it doesn’t really grab my attention for the full three minutes as it’s a bit more suited to radio than a Eurovision song. A good performance nevertheless!

Kim Wigaard – La Melodia

When you first see Kim on stage, he is alone , in darkness , the song starts slowly, then builds up into a Lalala chorus , then you see his full attire of a gold and black jacket top , with a full length skirt of the same colour. I still think I am in a time warp and I am back in Malmo 2013 watching Cezar from Romania. However , Kim’s operatic vocals aren’t quite so high pitched as Cezar ! For me it doesn’t quite gel as much a past opera numbers in Eurovision and as we know, opera can be hit or miss at Eurovision ! Too many lalala’s for me ! Sorry Kim .

Oops, sorry forget to get a clip, I’ll grab one later in the recaps !

He is pleased with his effort !

Looks like we are not getting the results of the first duel just yet , like we did in the semis, but are straight into the 2nd duel, as we are being introduced to Maria Mohn, who incidentally has worked together with Kim Wigaard.

Maria Mohn-Fly

Oh , I love this ! It’s very Nordic , Maria starts off with darkness with a mountain backdrop just visible. She gives a very nordic cry at the beginning of the song, then is joined by four male drummers. It’s a mixture of the folk and celtic kind of sound and Maria really embraces the stage , dressed in a very celtic style outfit . I can see why it is a fave to win tonight .Very powerful performance and she’s clearly proud of herself and should be .This would really bring a nordic flavour to Eurovision, however, if it goes to the final, would it face competition from Hammer of Thor by Oda Godrensen, which is a similar sounding song?They could cancel each other out for votes

Trollfest -Pink Flamingo

Well, the title of the song is Pink Flamingo and …..we have ….men in pink ra ra dresses with flamingo head hats, and inflatable pink flamingos on stage ! It’s all a bit mad and crazy on stage but clearly designed to be that way . Having seen rock music meet flamingos , I don’t think I will ever be able to see flamingos in the same light again! The guys are clearly having fun, they would certainly turn a few heads in Turin, that’s for sure !

They are a jolly bunch 🙂

Well, that was quick ! We have already heard all 4 acts, just getting the recap now ! Now we’re getting an expert’s view from someone , who I didn’t get the name of as they talk so fast, I can’t keep up but he’s been there every week reviewing the performances !

Just getting a reminder of the acts already qualified to the final next week, who will be joining them tonight ?

The last few weeks , we have seen one of the pre qualified finalist each week promoting their song through an interval act. Tonight it’s the turn of Anna -Lisa Kimoji with her song “Queen Bee”

Anna -Lisa Kimoji “Queen Bee”

Well, no surprise , with a song title called “Queen bee”that Anna and her backing dancers are dressed in the black and yellow of a bee, and there are buzzing like instrumentals in the song . They certainly do buzz around the stage , the song is a bit of a slow, quick, slow kind of song, upbeat though . I still feel there’s something missing from this performance but can’t put my finger on it at the moment .It doesn’t give me a buzz ( pardon the pun !)

All 4 acts are back on stage now to see who has gone through to the Gold duel

Maria Mohn is through

Trollfest are through !

So it’s Maria Mohn V Trollfest

Both their fanbases are very happy ! As are both acts

Expert opinion being given again

It will be interesting to see who the Norwegian public choose. The songs and acts couldn’t be more different ! Nordic melody v Flamingo rock ????

Oh wow, we have Wigwam , who represented Norway in 2005 as an interval act . And they are still as powerful on stage as they were back in 2005, giving a rendition of their Eurovision song In my Dreams!

By the way , the acts don’t perform again as in the semi final Gold Duels, it just goes straight to a public vote, which we will get the result of in a minute…….

Oh the suspense !!

And……..It’s Maria Mohn !! Congratulations to her ! Commiserations to Trollfest !

So…Maria Mohn will go through to next week’s final at the H3 Arena in Fornebu , Norway. Thanks for following this blog tonight with me and please tune in next week when Eurovision Ireland will bring you a live blog of the NMGP Grand Final!

Goodnight Europe !

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